General Flynn Drops Bombshell Announcement

According to Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the only thing stopping China from taking over the world is President Donald Trump. The Chinese Communist Party, he asserts, is helping the Democrats steal the election because Xi Jinping is convinced Trump simply has to go. They are doing it right by the book, using common Chinese military warfare tactics to manipulate and control information.

Flynn goes to war with the Deep State

Over the weekend, Michael Flynn gave an interview on LifeSiteNews where he opened the bomb bay doors to drop one explosive piece of verbal ordinance after another.

Not only is President Donald Trump battling the Deep State at home over the blatantly obvious Democrat attempt to steal the election, China put out a political hit contract on him too. Beijing wants Trump out of the White House, one way or another.


After spending four years fighting a court battle to defend his reputation from the deep state propaganda campaign which cast him as a Russian spy, when he was actually a rather good armchair diplomat, General Flynn has finally been unleashed against the evil forces of darkness.

America, he declares, is “going through a crucible of history” that will determine whether it survives as a free nation or becomes something “unrecognizable.” He’s helping his attorney, Sidney Powell, to release her Kraken.

What is happening now in America should “never happen” Flynn insists. The time to fix it is NOW! “if we don’t correct what it is that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, then I hate to really even think what will happen,” he warns.


The election was a sham. “This is the greatest fraud that has ever been seen in our history.” Communist China’s involvement “will become clear in the days to come, because it is working hand in glove with globalists and Democrat traitors, all of whom want to see the U.S. dethroned as the world’s leading power and beacon of freedom.”

The media is complicit n the crime

What we have been seeing, not just in the election but for years leading up to it, is one crime after another. The media has been “complicit,” not just allowing but helping the crime to happen.

“The mainstream media are complicit in the fraud,” Flynn explains, “because they simply refuse to cover the evidence.” He simply can’t believe the heavy-handed censorship. Patriots aren’t going to stand for that.

“I’m really not frustrated. I’m determined. We’re going to straighten this out, it’s going to be done legally, it’s going to be done correctly, and it’s going to be done with American patriots who love this country, and who are fighting like warriors.”

Because all the media networks are obviously out to get him, President Trump is reduced to depending on Twitter to talk to the public. Even Twitter is standing in the way.

“The only way the president has to communicate is through social media. Look at what Twitter is doing to the President of the United States?” Flynn asks. “This is an abomination of the First Amendment.”

Joe Biden is still a long way from the Oval Office. “I do not believe for a second that our country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president.”

China is right in the middle of all the media misinformation. “We’re in this sort of period of information warfare that is unprecedented.” He’s furious that nobody seems to want to stop it.

“At a certain point in time, that has to stop being allowed.” It’s all well rehearsed propaganda and not only that, “the Democrats seem to be taking a leaf out of the Chinese Communist book of psychological warfare.”

There are six phases. “The first five phases all have to do with information. The last phase would be if those failed and you need something with an additional oomph, then you ‘go to the gates’ as I used to say, and that’s when you might see something kinetic.”

  1. We patriotic Americans must not let this sham of an election. We have come too far to let
    our freedom be taken from us now. Americans fought and died to win this freedom. Americans must fight and die to preserve it.

  2. The dems. and China are in this together. Dems. are traitors. We must not allow Biden to be prez. for he will be an illegal prez. It was stolen and Biden knows it as does his wife and family. You are all treasonous democrats in the house. Pelosi YOU are the leader. You all ruined so many lives. America are we going to allow these animals of politics destroy our paradise, America? Look folks and see how they are using you for a vote. Research. The truth will set you free. The dems. will poison you minds and your childrens. They will have you believe they are your friend as they keep you from ever moving up. Do not believe a dems. words.

  3. No question that China, Deep States and the Democrat Party, BLM, Antifa the Media, Academia and Hollywood joined together to stop Donald Trump from Making America Great Again!

  4. This whole tissue of lies and intrigue is leading the U.S., as a nation toward disaster. It reminds me of the climax of the picture “Bridge on the River Kwai” when Alex Guiness “finally” realizes that his actions are aiding the enemy when he rhetorically exclaims: “What have I done”?? — this is EXACTLY where we find ourselves; a guestionable election giving TOTAL control to a group ill equipped to defend the Nation.

  5. I believe this to be so true. I am so frustrated and don’t know what we can do. Loosing hope that true American patriots don’t stand a chance. God bless President Donald Trump!

  6. I agree with General Flynn. America is at a crossroads. I for one would love to see all those involved in the coupe against President Trump and all those involved in the FBI cover up to protect Obama and his administration from prosecution concerning the accusations against Gen Flynn brought to justice and imprisioned for what the did thru the abuse of power to destroy a great Generals character. Obama, Biden Hillary, Comey, Brennen and Mueller all guilty of treason. These are just a few of those who should be indicted. Oh and let’s not forget the traitor Mitt Romney.

  7. The Supreme Court should have stepped in on these social platforms months ago when conservatives including our POTUS were shut down. Our first amendment rights have been violated. No person, business, media or tech giant has the right to shut down our speech.

  8. I am shocked at the complacency of so many people! We are on the edge of loosing out FREEDOM ! Wake up AMERICA before it’s too late

  9. General Flynn is right; however, he does not need me to tell him he is right!!! He knows that he is right!! But what is being done about this information??? Seems to me the FBI or the AG, or someone of authority should be hopping on this and coming up with a plan to stop this crazy Chinese nonsense!!! Seems like the people in charge of this HUGE issue have all gone AWOL!!!

  10. I know for a Fact he Flynn should be number One on the William Barr and John Durham Team Now too and they better get some people arrested in the next Weeks too for We the People are not going to just sit back see these that came after our President with a Hoax and Lies and made up Evidence too and Nobody arrested that we know but they did arrest Flynn and Maniford and others and went after more of Trump.s Team Period

  11. We have to start organizing somehow. I took an oath when I joined the service, it didn’t have an “ expiration date “ I will fight to the death, for my country

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