Arizona Betrayed- Ducey Certifies Biden Victory DURING Legislator’s Hearing on Election

In a move that will surely outrage Arizona Republicans and bring an ignominious end to his political career, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey certifies that Joe Biden won the Presidency. Worse, he did it during today’s Hearing held by AZ Legislators on Election Fraud and Irregularities.

Even worse still: Ducey’s certification of the election result comes only ten days after he vowed to voters,

“There are legal claims that are being challenged in court. And everybody on the ballot has certain access rights and remedies and if they want to push that they are able. Once those are adjudicated and the process plays out, I will accept the results of the election.”


Twitter abounds today with quips that all lawsuits regarding the election in Arizona were thrown out or withdrawn by the Trump legal team. But that’s a simplistic and easy interpretation that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Courts of Arizona are not the body which adjudicates the Electoral College. The State legislature is the body who can per the US Constitution and the McPherson v. Blacker ruling of 1892. That’s who President Trump’s team is appealing to today. So no Governor, the process hasn’t “played out”. You’ve broken your word.

‘The Hearing Isn’t Legal’

Contrary to popular belief, the hearings that have taken place in Gettysburg, today in Phoenix and Detroit are absolutely legal appeals to the adjudicating body of the Electoral College: The State Legislatures. The members in attendance of these hearings then compile their reports and affidavits (which bear legal weight under penalty of perjury) and present them to their houses. The largest hurdle to face is that Pennsylvania’s legislative session is about to end, and Arizona’s legislature isn’t currently in session. Senator-Elect Townsend has been calling upon Ducey to open a special session of the legislature since June.


Ducey hails County Recorders for “the success of our election system”

Just before the Arizona State Legislature’s hearing broke for lunch Governor Ducey held a press conference at the Arizona capital where he flanked by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced:

“The votes have been tabulated. All 15 counties have certified their results.”

The Evidence has been Damning.

“Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account,” – Col. Phil Waldron, Expert witness in IT, Networking and Data Security.

Colonel Phil Waldron, an expert witness in IT, Networking and Data Security testified that the Dominion voting machines in Maricopa county WERE connected to a live internet connection and showed that packets were sent to data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. Furthermore, Dominion Voting’s data traffic jumped from approximate 7 Terabytes to 10 Terabytes during the November 3rd Election.

Former Michigan State legislator Patrick Colbeck also testified, he is a Microsoft expert and NASA engineer. Colbeck stated that cellular devices were connected to the voting machines to allow them to be accessed remotely.

The hearing is ongoing and it is expected that Matt Braynard, Leader of the Voter Integrity Project, Former Data Chief and Strategist for President Trump’s campaign will be testifying soon.

“Arizona is at the forefront of many of the anomalies we’ve found.” Braynard said.

It remains to be seen whether the Arizona legislators present will be able to trigger a special session in order to digest and act on the information presented in today’s hearing.



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