Illegal Alien Murders Young American Girl, Then Dumps the Body in a Cornfield

Mollie Tibbets, a 20 year-old American University of Iowa student was found murdered in July 2018 by an illegal immigrant named Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 26. Jurors unanimously found Rivera guilty and he will be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. It seems too gentle a punishment, Tibbets body was found  in a cornfield, partially naked from the waist down with clear indications that she had been raped before her death.

According to the Associated Press,

“Prosecutor Scott Brown praised the investigators whose persistence helped solve the case, noting they faced criticism during the trial from the defense.

He said in a closing argument Thursday that Bahena Rivera killed Tibbetts out of anger after she rebuked him. He said Bahena Rivera also had a sexual motive”

Tibbetts’ autopsy indicated that she met a particularly violent end having suffered multiple “sharp impact injuries”. Rivera reportedly confessed to the murder while in police custody. CNN reported, “Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 26-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico, admitted in an August 2018 interview with police that he followed Tibbetts while she was out for an evening run, got angry at her and “blacked out,” according to an arrest affidavit and testimony at trial. He said he later came to and realized she was bleeding in his vehicle’s trunk and then buried her in a remote Iowa cornfield, prosecutors said.

Bahena Rivera then led police to the cornfield, where investigators found her body with fatal stab wounds, prosecutors said.”
During the trial, the illegal immigrant working as a farm hand recanted his confession claiming for the first time that he was abducted by two masked men who forced him to participate in Tibbetts murder and threatened his family to ensure his silence but his story kept changing.
The Daily Wire wrote that, “Bahena Rivera also attempted to pin the Tibbets’ murder on her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, KCRG reported. Jack testified during the trial and admitted to having anger issues and an affair while dating Tibbets, but police established that Jack was at work two hours away when Tibbets was killed. Police also discovered that Jack had purchased an engagement ring and had intended to propose to Tibbets.” But Jack was in Dubuque, confirmed by witnesses the night of Tibbetts’ disappearance.

Consequences of American Policy

During the days of the Trump administration, the Tibbett’s case was used to draw attention to an ongoing issue: that illegal immigrants in the United States commit violent crimes, and that the insecurity of our border is ultimately what led to the deaths of Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinle, among hundreds of others. The Heritage Foundation reports, “Non-citizens constitute only about 7 percent of the U.S. population. Yet the latest data from the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that non-citizens accounted for nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of all federal arrests in 2018. Just two decades earlier, only 37 percent of all federal arrests were non-citizens.

These arrests aren’t just for immigration crimes. Non-citizens accounted for 24 percent of all federal drug arrests, 25 percent of all federal property arrests, and 28 percent of all federal fraud arrests.”

Under the Biden-Harris regime, this has been largely forgotten, and the Democrat-Socialists in Congress will ensure that President Trump’s efforts to secure the border come to nothing.

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