Fake Fake FAKE, Biden Busts Out in the Fakest Deep Fake Yet

Fake Fake FAKE, Biden Busts Out in the Fakest Deep Fake Yet

The Biden White House has honestly outdone themselves this time. In one of the most unbelievably ridiculous and fake attempts at virtue signaling to the American people, Biden’s handlers set him up in their fake White House set in one of the most comical scenes yet.

On December 22nd, Joe Biden addressed the American people concerning the supply chain crisis, and discussed the steps that he claims his administration has taken to avert it just in time for the holidays.

The address was delivered during a meeting of the so-called Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, which had to be created over the summer to fix the shipping bottlenecks caused by worker shortages and various other issues, which the Biden administration blamed on the pandemic.


Of course, instead of just holding the meeting and the speech at the actual White House, Biden and his handlers chose to use what The Western Journal refers to as the “rather cartoonish White House-style television set,” which is actually located in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, across from the White House.

Biden was previously slammed on social media for getting his COVID booster shot on live television on the fake White House set (pictured below).


But the most recent use of this set was much more ridiculous, and much more damaging to the White House’s credibility.

Showing that Biden is taking the situation at America’s ports very, very seriously, his handlers set the fake windows on the fake White House set to appear as if it was miraculously transported to to the Long Beach shipyard, complete with piles and piles of shipping containers.

Podcast host Benny Johnson shared images of the bizarre set on Twitter, writing: “Biden breaks out the Fake White House set again and puts fake container ships in the background outside of the fake windows. This Administration is so weird.”

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