FBI Turns Them Over

The FBI finally came across with some “key files” which the House Judiciary Committee has been trying to get their hands on for weeks. The ones about targeting “domestic Catholic extremism.” Also the bureau’s internal files about the “uptick in threats against school administrators.

FBI caves in

The FBI is starting to realize that Congress is serious this year. They don’t want to turn the records over but they are, because our federal officials know what goes on inside federal prisons.

The subpoenas were issued by Jim Jordan as chairman of the committee and he was getting ready to hold Christopher Wray in contempt over it. Wray’s getting used to that threat, and caves in to it regularly. He was given a July 25 deadline and just barely made it.

The next step is for staff to start going through boxes of documents page by page, looking for the gold nuggets of evidence scattered in mountains of trivia the FBI buried them under.

Until they get a good squint at what was sent over, they’re keeping their option’s open. They have the contempt paperwork all ready to go and can fill in the date any time.

The pile of documents is expected to reveal “details about a Justice Department order for the FBI to probe an alleged ‘disturbing spike‘ in threats against school officials amid a wave of conservative backlash in 2021.

That’s when they learned schools could “transition” their kids without telling them anything about it.

Radical-traditionalist Catholics

Another set of the recently disclosed documents relate to a memo put out by the FBI which “appeared to connectradical-traditionalist Catholics’ with domestic terrorism.

Apparently the bureau considers anyone opposed to abortion as having “extremist ideologies.” Conservative Americans have been complaining about being singled out for persecution a long time now.

That’s why Congress created a special new subcommittee on the “weaponization” of government and they put Jim Jordan in charge of it.

The FBI may have handed the records over because they don’t have any other choice legally. That doesn’t mean they like it. They’re begging, please don’t make this stuff public.

As Acting Assistant Director Christopher Dunham “urged” in the cover letter which came along with the files, “the production of this information to the Committee does not waive any applicable privileges or other protections. We respectfully request that the Committee not disseminate or otherwise disclose these documents without prior consultation with the FBI.

Last week, Senator Charles Grassley caught the bureau with their pants down by releasing the controversial FD-1023 form everyone’s been fighting over. It turns out that Joe Biden didn’t just take a bribe from Burisma, he extorted it in one of those “offers you can’t refuse.

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