WOW! Look at What Lib Media Is Doing Now

Liberals have made their hate for Alex Jones no secret. But now more than some hate him so much that they want him gone, literally…

Alex Jones is known for his controversial opinions, some of which have gotten him into very hot water. Now, liberals are in a frenzy over Jones’ latest case because of comments he made years ago about the Sandy Hook shootings. Comments about the 2012 school shooting that made him pay millions of damages today.

‘The Gateway Pundit’ pointed out, in their latest report, why liberals hate Jones so much:

This week Alex Jones was ordered to pay a group millions of dollars for something he said years ago.  Alex Jones was ridiculed by his judge.  She berated him.

Jones accused radical Judge Maya Guerra Gamblein of running a show trial.  The judge took every chance she could to lecture and berate Alex Jones publicly.  It was like watching a court from the middle century.  In the end, Jones was told to pay millions for something he said.

If you share the truth, liberals will crush you.  They will find something, anything, to destroy you.  This isn’t about Alex Jones, who the liberals hate because of his tenacity in pointing out the elites’ disgust for Americans, it’s about shutting down free speech.

The corporate media and leftist supporters are already using the Alex Jones case to warn other conservatives that they’re next.

Liberals, elites, and the mainstream media hate Alex Jones because he shares things as he sees them.

Below is a short but excellent example of why the elites and their media are so afraid of Alex Jones.  This comes from a question he answered during his trial.

Alex Jones’ case is an example of how Conservative voices are being silenced by any means the far left finds necessary.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, DailyCaller


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