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[Video] Chaos Erupts as The View’s Producer Walks From Behind the Camera to…

Why anyone would go on The View is beyond a majority of the American public’s understanding. The daytime television show has long past its relevance and doesn’t even pretend to give any kind of respect to views that do not align with the extreme left. But some people just have to learn that the hard way, like Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Scott recently announced his candidacy for President and was invited to appear on “The View” earlier this week to pitch his adequacy to the little remaining viewership of the talk show.

The Republican Senator soon learned the hard way that the hosts and staff of the show had no interest in a black man’s opinion if it didn’t agree with their own. Within moments of Scott taking the stage The View’s liberal biased was made clear.

Scott isn’t known to hold back his own opinion and in the middle of delivering some major truth bombs the producers of The View physically stepped onto the set to inform him to shut up!

Daily Mail reported the incident:

Tim Scott defended Republicans’ record on race issues as he received a lecture from The View hosts and slammed them for ‘disgusting’ rhetoric about black children in America.

The 2024 presidential candidate and the only black GOP senator claimed that the show was cutting to commercial breaks every time he was making a good point.

His appearance followed co-host Joy Behar claiming that Scott wouldn’t be a Republican if he really understood race issues in the U.S.

‘One of the reasons why I’m on the show is because of the comments that were made, frankly, on the show – that the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule,’ Scott lamented in his interview with The View on Monday morning.

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