You Won’t Believe What Psaki Just Said

It is no secret that former White House press secretary turned MSNBC host, Jen Psaki, has made some questionable statements during her time as a public figure.

Recently, SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly called out Psaki for making a clearly false claim about Republicans and Muslim Americans.

On a recent segment of her show, Psaki accused Republicans of employing a strategy where they pit demographic groups against each other for political gain.

She specifically referred to this as “the re-emergence of a very old GOP playbook” and used it to accuse the right of pitting Muslim Americans against transgendered individuals.

This false claim lacked any factual basis which caused Megyn Kelly to take action in bringing attention to its inaccuracy.

Kelly believes that by making such false accusations, it diminishes Muslims in America by implying that they are too stupid to realize they are being manipulated or don’t have genuine beliefs concerning certain topics such as LGBTQ rights.

Instead of taking into account other factors that may be influencing their beliefs on these issues (such as cultural differences), she instead chose to blame the Republican party and label them as “evil” and “manipulative”.

To add fuel to the fire, Inside with Jen Pski tweeted out “We’re noticing the reemergence of an old ploy straight from the GOP playbook, only this time the party has a new target.”

This tweet sparked further outrage from Kelly who went on record saying, “This doesn’t get covered on its substance — a debate about whether the parents are right or wrong, or what’s in the text. It gets covered by MSNBC as ‘the white man is evil and manipulative.'”

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