With The Border Overrun, DHS Has Time For This?!?!

While struggling to handle more illegal immigrants crossing the southern border than at any time in U.S. history, the Department of Homeland Security somehow managed to make time to produce a children’s coloring book. Seriously…

In the book, entitled Jobs We Do, kids can fill out 14 various images that display DHS, including of one that includes a male in a biohazard suit counting radiation after an evident nuclear attack. Another includes an airport security canine. The book was produced by the DHS  “Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.”

No public statement has actually been made on the coloring book’s release, the very first of its kind in department history. One senior DHS staffer who flagged it for the Washington Free Beacon called it “absurd.”.

“It makes a lot of sense that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is just standing there not doing anything,” the staffer said. “But if they wanted to make it more realistic, they’d have ICE handing over families to NGOs to board planes destined for secret locations across the U.S. interior.”

Given That President Joe Biden got in office, DHS has actually faced criticism for shirking its core duties, such as stopping illegal migration and safeguarding the homeland from outdoors risks, in favor of passion projects from a team member. The Free Beacon formerly reported on internal memos that state the agency will focus on “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in 2022. Migrant crossings in March surpassed 221,000, the greatest number ever seen under Biden.

Agencies within DHS, consisting of Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are consisted of in the book. The images for CBP and ICE do not include anything to do with migration, rather revealing representatives performing different customs-related objectives on the water.


One image consists of a guy in a biohazard gear utilizing a Geiger counter to determine radiation levels, probably after a nuclear weapon lands. Rippling smoke or chemicals appear in the background.

Another image, for the Transportation Security Administration, includes an airport with a canine in the foreground using a collar that states “DO NOT PET.” One scene includes a breaking report for a Category 5 typhoon with 185 miles per hour wind about to crash into the eastern coast.

The release of the coloring book comes just after Alejandro Mayorkas appeared prior to the Senate to safeguard his period as DHS secretary. Throughout heated hearings, Mayorkas insisted his department has “functional control of the border,” although numerous countless migrants have actually crossed into the nation month after month.

Senators likewise grilled Mayorkas over the brand-new DHS “Disinformation Governance Board,” run by outspoken liberal Nina Jankowicz. Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) has actually given that presented a resolution to eliminate the board totally, calling it unconstitutional, partisan, and unneeded for DHS’s objective. Formally, the disinformation board is indicated to counter and track disinformation in Latin America and from hostile nations such as Russia, although critics state Jankowicz’s persistence that Hunter Biden’s laptop computer made up disinformation makes her inappropriate for the function.

“This resource was created for the children of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel to highlight the work their parents and loved ones perform each day to protect the United States,” a DHS spokesman told the Free Beacon.

H/T The Washington Free Beacon

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