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Doctor Terminated After He Says THIS at School Board Meeting

Doctor Jeffery A Horak, MD of Fergus Falls, Minnesota is the latest medical professional to be ‘canceled’ for expressing his expert medical opinion which contradicts the official narrative of the Biden-Harris regime and the government-medical complex.

The trouble for Dr. Horak, a surgeon for over 15 years at Lake Region Healthcare and a practicing physician for near sixty years, began when he spoke at a Fergus Falls School Board emergency meeting regarding mask mandates. The October 11th meeting was to determine if students would be required to wear masks in order to attend in-person instruction. Nine days later, Dr. Horak was ordered to tender his resignation or be terminated from lake Region Healthcare.

In a statement, Dr. Horak told the media that while he suspected the cause of his termination, it was not given to him due to his contract not requiring it. He wrote,

“I was asked by the community to represent the parents and children and speak up at our community school board meeting. In my speech, I suggested we give our parents the ability to choose whether or not they wanted to mask their children.

Nine days later, I was told my views were no longer congruent with that of Lake Region Healthcare and was asked to either resign my surgical position or be terminated. I wasn’t given a reason nor was I aware of any issues or complaints about me.”

“The truth is, I don’t have any idea why I was fired. My contract states that they don’t have to tell me. I knew that when I signed it 15 years ago. So I have no idea…”

The reasons why couldn’t be clearer when you look at what Dr. Horak had the courage to tell the School Board of Fergus Falls.

A Message That Cost A Doctor His Job: Trust God, Trust Parents

Dr. Horak, leaning on his decades of experience and medical training gave a frank and stirring speech to the Fergus Falls School Board. In the eyes of many he committed three sins: entrusting the welfare of children to their parents and not the state, of demystifying the medical field, and stripping them of the deification bequeathed by the government and the media, and being a Doctor and a Christian simultaneously.

He told them,

“I’m used to wearing masks, I’m not trying to do it while I’m running, or playing in the gym or all that other stuff.” said the Doctor continued.

“These masks, you want to stop the virus. The example of it is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence, good luck. All right, yes I sneeze, these mask are designed to blow shit behind you, not in front of you, that’s all they’re designed for.

“Know what, this is about fear,” said Dr. Horak at the meeting on Oct. 11. “This is about fear, I’m going to say it right now. This is about death. Everybody around here is scared that a kid might die in this community.”

“We all are going to die. It’s a given, you cannot change it. Who do you believe? What is your foundation?

“This city has 17 Lutheran Churches in it’s environment you can’t turn without seeing a church. Detroit, Michigan? You couldn’t turn without seeing a liquor store! I am blessed to be in this community, as are all of you. But now you’ve been put in a position to make a decision.

How do I make those decisions? I pray. I pray on the way in. Any one of you shows up tonite, I’m praying on the way in. When I walk in I pray for you, I pray with you, I pray for the team. I ask you guys, fixing your ulcer? Well, this is the part you’re not supposed to know: I don’t take any responsibility for that, I just put the two sides together, it’s just little strings. Anybody could do it, monkeys could do it. Monkeys do it the tree… done.”

“God Heals You. He mends that together in 24 hours, it’s water-tight and it won’t leak anymore. I take you through those places but I give up credit, I’m a tool of the maker. Look to him. Do what you need to do for the people who’ve entrusted this to you. Put yourself in their shoes.”

“What I would suggest and it’s just a suggestion: Pray. Come real close to God and find out what he wants you to do.

 And then I would ask you to say: ‘Who does God put in charge of these kids?’ Their parents all right, God gave each one of these kids to their child, I’m sorry each one of these kids to their parents and they speak for them. They may be wrong, they may be dumb, they may be perfect in their decisions but it’s still their responsibility. It’s not yours! God gave it to them. Honor their wishes. EITHER SIDE OF THE FENCE! And then let them decide if they want to go to school here or not.”

Dr. Horak concluded,
“Take care of the people. That’s why I’m here. God wins. And a lot of these people do not here consent, and if they do not give consent it’s against the Constitution, but that’s another story. Thank you.”
According to ValleyNewsLive, “The district’s mask requirement was set to expire on October 24th, and the school board voted 4-2 not to extend it.”
Dr. Horak wrote in his statement that he and his wife Debbie will continue to be led by God:

“As the hospital release said, I will no longer be available to serve you. Please know this was not my choice. And I do believe our differing opinions and agendas caused a problem.It seems a shame that we the people are no longer able to use our 1st Amendment right and speak our thoughts, desires, and wishes.

Thank you again for the privilege to serve you. Debbie and I are evaluating our next steps. We know God wins and we will be led by Him.”

Breitbart reported that “A rally in support of Horak will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the park across from the healthcare center. Dr. Scott Jensen, a Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota, is expected to speak in support of Horak at the rally.” He now joins the fraternity of medical professionals who like the Frontline Doctors, early in the COVID panic, had the courage to stand up for their beliefs.

Check out the video below of Dr. Horak’s statement to the Board of education in full.

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