Did The FBI Secretly Dig Up a Lost Civil War Gold Cache?

An attorney representing a father-son pair of treasure hunters accuses the FBI of secretly digging up and making off with a legendary cache of Civil War gold in Pennsylvania. Finders Keepers, the treasure-hunting company of Dennis and Kem Parada, has launched a legal battle to learn the truth about a secretive excavation that took place in 2018; the FBI continues to insist that it found nothing, but the treasure hunters aren’t the only ones suspicious about those claims.

Treasure hunters want answers

Legend has long reported that a Union shipment of gold on its way to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia was lost in mysterious circumstances near Dent’s Run in western Pennsylvania.

This was 1863, at the height of the Civil War, and the lost gold was never recovered by the federal government, if it had ever existed in the first place.

Dennis and Kem Parada are sure that it did exist, and when they began their search in earnest they soon learned that they weren’t the only ones who believed the old legends of buried treasure in Elk County.

After finding what they believed to be the site of the buried gold cache deep in the woods of Elk County, the father-son company were prepared to confirm their suspicions.

Instead, they were unexpectedly evicted by federal agents, who moved into the site with all of the necessary equipment for an excavation.

Recently released documents prove that geographical surveys conducted on the site by the FBI detected a buried object with the right mass and density to be the fabled cache of gold.

Did the FBI find the legendary gold?

That was convincing enough for the feds, who worked under the cover of darkness and, according to locals, brought in a convoy of armored vehicles after a night of furious digging.

All of this activity would seem to indicate that the gold was recovered, but the FBI has adamantly denied finding anything at all at the site, or working at night.

In response to legal requests from Finders Keepers the bureau has been evasive and uncooperative, providing largely irrelevant information and changing its answers on certain details.

If confirmed, the gold would have been the government’s in any case, but as ones who discovered the cache the Paradas would have been entitled to a finder’s fee.

Instead, they claim that the gold is now in the hands of one government agency which has no intention of giving anyone else their fair share.

A federal agency carrying out a secret heist to claim hundreds of millions of dollars worth of legendary Civil War gold sounds almost too outlandish to be true, but this story appears to gain more credibility with every new release of information.

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