Watch: Internet ERUPTS Over Frontline Doctors Who Broke Silence on COVID

Yesterday, a groundbreaking group of doctors unleashed bold claims regarding COVID and potential treatments that the media has ignored.

Doctors Contradict Virus Claims

A group of America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference in Washington D.C., where they shared their views surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the medical community’s overall treatment measures.

The full video can be viewed HERE. 

The video which Breitbart News streamed over Facebook, was seen over 17 million times within 8 hours
and people were enthralled with the knowledge being brought forth.

Big Pharma, social media giants, and Democrat elites trembled at the positive response the doctors’ video garnished and both Facebook and YouTube both pulled the video.

“There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus carefully and intelligently, but we cannot live with this spider web of fear that’s constricting our country,” said Dr. Simone Gold.

Was Trump Right All Along?

After President Donald Trump announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine a few months ago, Democrats and the establishment media tore into him and basically labeled him a psychopath.

Fast-forward to the present day; we have frontline doctors, such as Dr. Stella Immanuel, who claim the hydroxychloroquine drug and zinc may cure the coronavirus.

It is no wonder the left has fought so hard to keep this out of Americans’ minds and has tried to silence Immanuel and other doctors who’ve spoken out.

Doctors Suggests Schools Should Reopen

A pediatrician who has been practicing for 36 years gave his take on the topic and discussed reopening schools.

“I think that it is important that all of us who are here today realize that our kids are not really the ones who are driving the infection. It is being driven by older individuals. And yes, we can send the kids back to school I think without fear. And this is the big issue right now, as Congressman Norman alluded to, this is the really important thing we need to do. We need to normalize the lives of our children. How do we do that? We do that by getting them back in the classroom. And the good news is they’re not driving this infection at all. Yes, we can use security measures. Yes, we can be careful. I’m all for that. We all are. But I think the important thing is we need to not act out of fear. We need to act out of science. We need to do it. We need to get it done,” Dr. Bob Hamilton from Santa Monica, California said.

The narrative of keeping people in fear and waiting for a COVID vaccine is still being pushed. The revelation of what these frontline doctors revealed is being heavily censored, but people are still waking up to the possibility that we have been lied to this whole time.

If Hydroxychloroquine Is a Cure, the Left Wants it Dead 

If hydroxychloroquine does consistently work for preventing and curing COVID like the doctors are claiming, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci would be in a world of hurt.

So it is really no wonder why these claims are being so significantly kept from all media platforms.

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