It Looks Like He’s Committed to Run in 2024…We Should Be Worried

ICYMI – Discussions about the likelihood of President Joe Biden seeking a second term in 2024 have swirled throughout his time in office. In spite of everything that has since transpired, The Hill reports that multiple sources close to the president say that he has confided in former President Barack Obama about his decision to run for reelection in 2024, feeling that he is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

Biden reportedly committed to 2024 run

Biden’s age was controversial even before he decided to launch his 2020 campaign, and another term would have him in office well into his eighties.

Given the widespread perception, repeatedly supported by the president himself, that Biden is largely being led by various staffers and aides, questions have been asked about how capable he is currently of serving in office.

The Hill claims that the president met with Obama and told him that he wants to seek a second term anyway.

Biden has previously indicated that he is at least considering another run, and he has publicly speculated about a possible rematch with his predecessor.

Trump will have an easy path to the Republican nomination if he wants it, and as the incumbent Biden will likely be able to secure his own party’s nomination just as easily.

In fact, Biden has claimed that another run from Trump would increase his own desire to pursue another term; his belief that Trump will run again is reportedly his primary motivation for launching a 2024 campaign.

Democrats see a difficult race ahead

Biden’s reasoning, according to The Hill, matches assessments made by many other observers. The president reportedly thinks that the Democrats do not have any other candidates who are ready to take his place and defeat Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris may have been initially intended for this role after Biden’s first term, but with her approval ratings even more abysmal than his that option looks very unappealing for the White House.

Others agree with Biden’s belief that the Democrats lack an available replacement, but many Democrats are just as worried about Biden as a 2024 pick.

With his approval ratings lower than ever, securing a second Biden term would be an uphill battle. Those plummeting approval ratings are most noticeable with younger voters, who the Democrats depend heavily on.

Obama was capable of winning millennial votes in both 2008 and 2012, but the oldest president in American history may struggle to emulate that success after an unpopular first term.

Biden may struggle in a rematch against Trump, but Harris would have even more difficulty, and choosing to discard the administration entirely for a 2024 ticket is not an option for the Democrats.

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