Democrat Leaders Get the Bad News

Democrat Leaders Get the Bad News

Democrat leaders are panicking after Senator Rand Paul’s proposal showed them the truth about their plans, that they have no chance of winning.

Point of Order

The Democrats’ impeachment plans seem to have no chance of ending in a conviction in the Senate. A two-thirds vote of the Senate is required to convict a president, and Senator Rand Paul’s constitutional point of order proves the Democrat leaders don’t have the votes for it.

The point of order alleged that the impeachment trial is contrary to the Constitution, as there should be no reason to impeach a president who is no longer in office.


Senator Rand Paul tweeted:

“The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order.

45 Senators agreed that this sham of a “trial” is unconstitutional.


That is more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process.

This “trial” is dead on arrival in the Senate.”

Before the vote took place, Paul stated that his intention was to force his colleagues to go on the record about their support for or opposition to the impeachment of President Trump.

“I think there will be enough support on it to show there’s no chance they can impeach the president. If 34 people support my resolution that this is an unconstitutional proceeding it shows they don’t have the votes and we’re basically wasting our time,” Paul told reporters on January 26.

“If we are going to put every politician in jail, are we going to impeach every politician who has used the words ‘fight’ figuratively in a speech? Shame,” he said, adding that Democrats are “deranged by their hatred” of Trump.

“I want this body on record. Every last person here,” Paul added.

GOP Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania all voted with Democrats against Paul’s point of order, in effect showing their support for the impeachment of Trump.

Conflicting Views of Constitutionality

Senator Joni Ernst pointed out the insanity of impeaching a president after he has already left office. “Congress would be opening itself to a dangerous standard of using impeachment as a tool for political revenge against a private citizen, and the only remedy at this point is to strip the convicted of their ability to run for future office — a move that would undoubtedly strip millions of voters of their ability to choose a candidate in the next election,” she stated.

Senator Murkowski claims, without evidence, that impeachment after a president leaves office is constitutional.

“My review of it has led me to conclude that it is constitutional in recognizing that impeachment is not solely about removing a president, it is also a matter of political consequence,” Murkowski said.

True Motive Behind Impeachment

Many conservatives have pointed out that this vote is not a matter of holding President Trump accountable for the Capitol riot, as he explicitly called for the protest to be peaceful, it is actually about preventing him from running for office again because Democrats and establishment Republicans are afraid of him.

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