RINO Turncoat Mitt Romney Betrays Party AGAIN

It’s become a bit of a pattern for him. RINO turncoat Mitt Romney betrays the Republican Party yet again! Romney jumped onto twitter November 19th to once again place his own failed political ambitions ahead of the good of the country and his party.

That a man who once stood at the forefront of the republican party could breathlessly join in lockstep with the mainstream media who pilloried him just years before is astonishing.


Romney has joined with the Progressive-Socialist Democrats in all but name. In his description of President Trump’s meticulously detailed,  Constitutionally correct process of challenging a corrupted election as “undemocratic” shows his complete ignorance of our constitutional federal republican system.

Romney Double-speak

After this story broke Romney’s office began a desperate attempt to walk-back Mitt’s gesture of appeasement to the left. They told Fox News:

“there is a distinction between “pursuing legal challenges” where evidence exists, “and the harmful and damaging rhetoric that the election is rigged.”


Furthermore, his office added, “it goes without saying that applying political pressure to local officials not to certify legally cast ballots is outside the bounds of any regular legal challenge.” Too little too late Mitt. We see you.

The Associated Press reported that President Trump contacted Michigan’s Wayne County canvassers on Tuesday thanking them for their courage AFTER they reversed their certification of the votes. Not before, to pressure them to do so.

Mitt’s Nightmare

In October, Romney tweeted he was terrified over “the president’s unwillingness to denounce an absurd and dangerous conspiracy theory.”. In the grey autumn light of November, it’s clear now that the “absurd” and “dangerous” theory was indeed dangerous and conspiratorial but it no way absurd. With Soros back groups like “RefuseFacism” calling for “Days of Fury” until President Trump concedes, while the media spins repeatedly lies and obfuscations to “Install” Fmr. VP Joe Biden as President.

Romney should be terrified, the clock is ticking and those who betrayed their party and their people will be held to political account. Romney’s career is over if Trump survives this coup attempt, and he knows it.

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