WHOA…Trumps Approval Rating Just Broke Records

Democrats are totally amazed at Trump’s latest approval rating. Despite their best efforts to drag former President Donald Trump through the swamp muck, his deplorable supporters still stand behind him. They wouldn’t even do Democrats the courtesy of holding an uprising so the National Guard could start shooting. For some strange reason they’re still standing back and standing by. Conservatives will keep listening to Trump as long as he stays on the political stage. He may not be president but he’s American through and through.

Conservative approval through the roof

Former President Donald Trump doesn’t need the approval of Democrats. He never had that anyway. They have voted to impeach him twice so far and even though it’s unconstitutional and they don’t have the votes, they insist on holding a kangaroo court with no hope of conviction.

The drama has only one goal. Destroy Trump in the eyes of his followers, so the globalists can destroy them next. It isn’t working.


Conservatives are still on board the Trump Train. In the latest Morning Consult/Politico poll, he pulled in an 81% approval rate which shows a 5% rebound from the poll they took immediately following the staged barbarian invasion of the Capitol.

Women were especially forgiving of the former president according to the approval data. Since earlier in January, a whopping 15% more indicated “their support for Trump.”

The poll was targeted at “republicans” even though the GOP has been revealed as mostly an extension of the DNC, except for a few hard-core conservatives willing to defend the Constitution. Still half of the respondents to the poll “believe that Trump should continue to have a “major role.”


Office of the Former President

Former President Trump justified his approval rating by getting a statement out to his followers on Tuesday. It wasn’t easy since he’s been held incommunicado by the Social Media platforms.

He understands how furious everyone is with the RINO infested GOP. Contrary to the rumors floating around, he isn’t starting a brand new party of his own. He clearly and distinctly declared his loyalty to the Republican party, even though they didn’t show a bit of loyalty to him. Instead of burning it down like the Democrats would do, he’s ready to go for repair and renovation.

After a little rest and recreation on his golf course at Mar-a-Lago, Trump officially gave his seal of approval to the “Office of the Former President” in nearby Palm Beach, Florida.

As noted in a statement, the office will be “responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism.”

Libertarian Rand Paul showed his approval of what Former President Trump stands for by loyally defending the Constitution from abuse in the Senate. A total of 45 Senators agree that it’s totally unconstitutional to even try to impeach a private citizen.

Democrats are too late, they should go home because they know for certain that conviction is “dead on arrival.” Just to prove a point, they will continue to waste everyone’s time and a whole lot of taxpayer money for nothing.

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