Day 1: RINOs Pledge to Continue Their Roles as POS Losers for Joe and Democrat Party

A whole herd of those who, before the election was stolen were called RINOs, migrated across the aisle on Wednesday. They leapt like lemmings right over the cliff of socialism to pledge allegiance to the New World Order. They officially unified with Democrats as suggested by Biden’s installation speech, and “pledged to work together” with the new rulers to benefit Open Societies.

RINOs pledge their support

Now that words like “patriotism” and “conservative” are being erased from the lexicon, Republicans are extinct. We had a Republic and we liked it but alas, we couldn’t keep it.

Now we have Democrats and a small handful of patriotic holdouts who are cowering together for safety, as their so called “colleagues” throw them to the barbarian wolves. Former Democrat sleeper cells within the GOP are finally free to come out of the closet and pledge to support the globalist objectives.


Mitch McConnel sat in the stands to watch as the new regime assumed command, then tweeted out his pledge of allegiance. “I look forward to working together everywhere we can and differing respectfully when we must.” Pat Toomey patted Emperor Joe Biden on the back for taking the oath of office “during a health crisis and significant political strife.”

He too jumped on the unification bandwagon, urging former conservatives to give up now before they get shipped to camp. “I commend President Biden for his call for national unity, and his assurance to those who did not support him that he will nevertheless be president for all Americans.” Whether they like it or not.

Lisa Murkowski was in a Kumbaya mood as well, She gave her pledge to open borders globalism, tweeting out on the same platform Donald Trump is banned for life from that “Biden’s message to the country was filled with hope for a more unified nation and a commitment to work for all Americans.”

When she says all Americans, she means it, warning right-wingers to “put the divisiveness and turmoil of the last few months behind us, and move forward with respect, optimism, and hope.” When they come for your weapons, hand them over peacefully.

We can work together

Susan Collins of Maine has been proudly wearing her RINO horn in public for years. She was practically slobbering all over herself when she told the network media that Biden “struck the right themes by calling for unity, for reminding us that we’re all Americans, that we can work together, and that if we do so, we can solve the problems facing our nation.”

She didn’t mention what will happen if we don’t “do so.” Either pledge to support the Democrat agenda or face the consequences.

Mitt Romney, who gets way too much enjoyment from packing fudge, is another proud traitor to what was once the Republican party. While delivering his pledge of allegiance, he was enthusiastic about what he heard at the ceremony validating the new but illegitimate government.

Donald Trump nearly destroyed everything that George Soros put together. Biden’s speech was long overdue, he believes, “very strong and very much needed.” Flipping things upside down as liberals do, Romney quipped, “We as a nation come together if we are told the truth and if we have leaders who stand for enduring American principles.” He’s right about that, but we just sent the only leader in decades who did stand for enduring American principles packing and now the Truth seems to be whatever Democrats say it is.

So far, along with the big name RINOs, 17 freshmen House Republicans were quick to pledge support for global socialism. They “congratulated the president in a letter, pledging to work with him on policy.” Even the old school Republicans were meek about standing up to the new regime. The way they are attacking the right with social media censorship, chilling litigation, and threats of arrest have them speaking cautiously.

Chris Christie pointed out that Biden’s rhetoric “was very forward looking but every executive action he took was about reversing what had happened before.” Senator John Barrasso mentioned, “it’s important to unite the country,” but he’s concerned by “some of the executive orders that are coming.” We’re living in a Brave New World.

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