Team Biden has already “re-purposed” the word conservative into “Trump Supporter.” You can find a whole bunch of other reprocessing of the general lexicon at the official White House web site. The way that the New World Order is quietly and efficiently getting back into the swing of things, and gloating over it too, is disgusting to Americans who used to trust in the Constitution for things like freedom of speech. Truth, justice, and the American way are outdated and debunked.

Biden team makes Biology a thing of the past

1984 was a long time coming but it’s finally here. Big Brother had a sex change operation to become your much less sinister little sister Alexa along the way. “Hey, wiretap, what’s the recipe for pancakes?”

The “science” of biology has proven, without a doubt that one male and one female of the human species is required to create another human and the result, when conception occurs, will be one or the other. Liberals don’t believe such nonsense. Some call their beliefs the equivalent of psychological birth control. Team Biden is willing to go along with the population control plan.

The current, and some say illegitimate, leader of Central North America, Joe Biden, “has long promised that he would be an advocate for the LGBTQ community.” Mere hours after usurping the Oval Office, the White House website “allows users to choose their pronouns.”

Advocates in the community which can’t figure out which bathroom to use are ecstatic. Biden’s team of IT engineers worked under armed security protection to recode the whole “#!” sha-bang, starting with the contact form.

Anyone wishing to write in praise for the Democrats or tips to be handed up the ladder to George Soros will now have unlimited options regarding their personal preference. If you identify as a shape-shifting reptile from outer space, Team Biden has a pronoun for you.

Besides the White privilege pronouns of she/her, he/him, you can choose “they/them, other, or prefer not to share.” If you identify as other, a whole new screen of possibilities opens up just for you. Simply “write in” what ever you wish. Along with pronouns, guests to the system have a choice of being addressed using “Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Mx., other, or none.”

Big shift in priorities

Along with fully embracing the Open Societies approved birth control methods, the ruling team has “include an updated White House priorities page that now lists COVID-19, climate, racial equality, economy, health care, immigration, and restoring America’s global standing.”

For those planning on joining the next caravan up from Central America, “the entire website can now also be translated into Spanish by clicking a blue “Español” button at the bottom of every page.” They even thoughtfully made it a soothing shade of Democrat blue.

Older visitors and those with vision impairment will be happy to see “high contrast and large font size options.” The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has no fear of censorship on the Twitter platform.

They couldn’t wait to tap out how thrilled they were with what the IT team accomplished for Queers, Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders and those who like to dress in cat costumes. “The @WhiteHouse website contact form now asks for your pronouns,” GLAAD breathlessly typed.

The comments reflect approval. The White House team has made a big hit with those who are destined for genetic extinction.

“Last year I was lamenting that I had to incorrectly report my gender on the 2020 census,” one user wrote. “Today, I can select the title ‘Mx.’ and they/them pronouns on the White House contact page. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start.” Thank God, some say, that they DON’T breed.

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