Conservative Students Now Under Investigation for Being Honest

 The Emerson College chapter of TurningPointUSA has been suspended and multiple students are under investigation because of the distribution of stickers bearing the resemblance of a character from the ‘AmongUs’ video game franchise in red adorned with the hammer and sickle with the caption “China Kind Of Sus” indicating a suspicion of foul play by the Chinese Communist Party. Emerson’s administrators have accused the TPUSA activism campaign which is being carried out nationwide of being “xenophobic”.

Emerson College officials released a statement condemning the expression of suspicion against the Communist government which is currently committing crimes against humanity on the Uighur people and only recently finished stomping the political life out of Hong Kong. Even a cursory glance shows you that all is not well with Emerson’s leadership at the Boston campus. Interim President William Gilligan wrote, “It has come to my attention that several individuals were distributing stickers yesterday that included anti-Chinese messaging that is inconsistent with the College’s values and will not be tolerated on our campus. ”

Emerson then wrote in a note to international students,

“The Office of International Student Affairs (OSIA), the Office of Intercultural Affairs, and Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) and the Social Justice Center (SJC) stand with our students from China, and other Asian-identified and Asian-American community members, to denounce the use of free speech platforms for statements that are used as xenophobic weapons,”

“College” Doesn’t Always Mean Intelligent, As Conservative Students Are Discovering

There are a few problems with Emerson College’s incredibly ignorant take: first, the TPUSA campaign is clearly criticizing the Chinese Communist Party, not China as a nation or its people. Many online hecklers ignorant of the CCP’s continued use of the hammer and sickle symbol for their party have even quipped “That’s not even China’s flag”. Theoretically, if one wishes to criticize an entire nation, then the flag which represents the whole nation would be appropriate. Note: the image of the Chinese Communist Party Congress below with the hammer and sickle displayed prominently while the Five-Star Chinese Red Banner is absent.

For example, if one were to say create a similar meme or campaign saying “America Kinda Sus” like so… one with aStudents reasonable knowledge of party symbols in the US would immediately realize that it isn’t the people of America overall who are under suspicion or “Sus” but rather the Democratic Party which is currently in control. One could even specifically narrow it to the current Biden-Harris administration and not even encompass past Democrat-led governments such as Barack Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s. This is called “nuance” and it’s something that leftists and college administrators don’t get. Why? Because it’s waaaaay easier to assume that all other Americans are dumb country rubes who can’t tell the difference between a party symbol and a national flag.

Now: granted, the hammer and sickle WERE incorporated into the Soviet flag,  but CONTEXT is important here. ‘CHINA kinda sus’, showing the hammer and sickle denotes the Chinese Communist Government. ‘RUSSIA kind of sus’ with the same image means you think it’s 1989 or that the old-school Soviets didn’t go away, they just rebranded… (that last part is true though…)


EMERSON COLLEGE Is Actually Kinda Sus Too

Now when we actually examine this, it’s actually the college that is behaving the most suspiciously. Consider: Emerson TPUSA Vice President Kjersten Lynum told National Review,

“It [China Kinda Sus] has nothing to do with Asians or Asian culture. I am Chinese-Singaporean myself, and I’m offended by people who suggest I have hatred toward my own race,”

Ooof, the Emerson TPUSA chapter’s president, Sam Neves, also chimed in, politely declaring bullsh** “The stickers come standard in every activism kit from the Turning Point USA headquarters. Thousands of colleges and universities all across the country distribute those exact same stickers, and virtually no one else ever had any issue with them,” Neves said. “We feel most of this outrage is disingenuous.”

The National Review also dropped another bombshell: “The most prominent student organization pushing for TPUSA’s defenestration is the Chinese Students Association (CSA), which has a dubious record of taking Beijing’s line on various issues, including the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement.” Oh yeah… there’s some REALLY bad history here at Emerson of being basically a mouthpiece for the CCP Politburo.

In 2019, while the Hong Kong controversy was heating up all over America and getting the NBA in hot water, An Emerson Junior Frances Hui started a protest movement on campus to support the pro-democracy protests in the former British Colony and draw attention to their grievous, violent oppression by mainland China’s police as their “one country, two systems” freedoms were systematically ripped away. Hui wrote an Op-Ed in the school paper that earned her two DEATH THREATS from members of the Emerson CSA with many in the pro-Beijing group claiming that Hui’s criticism of China was racist. This was illustrated best with Lee Pelton, then president of Emerson College refusing to make a public statement to condemn the death threats that were being made against Hui and other Emerson College students from Hong Kong. “Pelton warned Emerson College administrators to exercise “global competency” lest they risk a firestorm of criticism from the Chinese government.” According to ReligionUnplugged. The influence of the Chinese Government is very, very strong at Emerson and many other American colleges.

“In an interview with NR, Hui recalled that after one CSA member posted her op-ed alongside the message “whoever opposes China must be executed,” the Emerson administration failed to take action.”

Toss into the mix Emerson’s massive cooperation with the United International College, wherein Emerson has integrated Chinese students and vice versa due to ‘COVID19 travel limitations’. And the truth is clear: the College has been co-opted and is taking their marching orders from Beijing, not Boston.

On an unrelated note on the ‘America Kinda Sus’ meme… we all know this is the real one anyway:

But this one is pretty darn accurate too…


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