Disturbing Report Released, Now We Know Why it Happened

Didn’t it seem just a little unusual how quickly the massive, incredibly violent riots of the summer of 2020 seemed to crop up out of nowhere? While the leftists in the Government and mainstream media insisted that there was ‘no such thing as Antifa’ and that Black Lives Matter was just a group of ‘mostly peaceful protesters’, didn’t it seem like there was somebody or something pulling the strings behind the scenes, lending speed and organization to the criminals that lit 140 American cities on fire for 180 days? If you felt this disturbing trend at all, you were intuitively right. Except it wasn’t Biden, and it wasn’t AOC, it was China. And Cybersecurity firm FireEye has the report to show it.

According to OANN,

“In a new report, FireEye found China orchestrated an influence campaign across social media platforms in order to mobilize U.S. protesters in 2020.

Chinese-backed accounts promoted the narratives of systemic racism, coronavirus fears and anti-Trump sentiments. In addition, some COVID misinformation in Russian and German language posts were found to be written by nonnative speakers of those languages.

The accounts were found to be interconnected in the sense they posted similar content, and in many cases identical messaging. It was also reported the accounts engaged in coordinated sharing across 30 social media platforms and over 40 other websites and online forums.”

Mainstream media giant Reuters even had to call this one out. They wrote, “Experts at security company FireEye (FEYE.O) and Alphabet’s (GOOGL.O) Google said the operation was identified in 2019 as running hundreds of accounts in English and Chinese aimed at discrediting the Hong Kong democracy movement. The effort has broadened its mission and spread from Twitter (TWTR.N), Facebook(FB.O) and Google to thousands of handles on dozens of sites around the world.”

In an absolutely chilling report, FireEye laid it all out,

“Accounts in the network have actively sought to physically mobilize protestors in the U.S. in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, though we have seen no indication that these attempts motivated any real-world activity. While previous public reporting has highlighted limited instances of organic engagement with the network on Twitter and we have continued to track similar instances of organic engagement on both social media and niche online forums, this direct call for physical mobilization is a significant development compared to prior activity, potentially indicative of an emerging intent to motivate real-world activity outside of China’s territories.”

Now We Know, And Most Disturbing The Biden-Harris Regime Will Do Nothing

Bank on it. The Biden-Harris regime even in the face of irrefutable proof that the Chinese Communist Party was fomenting civil unrest and arsonous rioting throughout the United States for over two years now will result in….(Drumroll please) ABSOLUTELY NO ACTION. They aren’t going to do a thing, it would frankly be a shock if the WhiteHouse even acknowledges the existence of this report. Remember what the Chinese diplomats told Sec. State Anthony Blinken at the Juneau conference earlier this year? Here we’ll refresh your memory:

Yang Jiechi bluntly told Blinken “Let me say here that in front of the chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.”

That one line is going to reverberate through the next twenty years of American history because of the Biden-Harris regime. We do not have the qualification to speak from a position of strength, so China is going to do whatever they want. Having been given a free hand by the Biden White House, they will act with impunity moving forward. They do not respect us, they do not fear us. Period.

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