Chaos Brings Unlimited Possibility Team Trump Boldly Declares

Chaos, “a person close to Trump” relates, “is our friend.” The possibilities are endless and anything can happen. That’s why the presidential frontrunner took the long, patriotic, weekend off, telling everyone on his team to “enjoy the Fourth of July holiday.” The best thing they can do to campaign is let Joe Biden run free and continue shooting himself in the foot.

Trump still prefers Biden

What happened at the big debate was totally expected by Donald Trump and his campaign team. For the past year they’ve been predicting that Joe wasn’t going to be the official Democrat nominee.

For months, they’ve been speculating that “he would step down before the convention and be replaced by another candidate.

Now that it looks like their crystal ball was tuned in nice and clear, “Republicans are trying to determine what the Democratic incumbent stepping aside would actually mean for the Trump campaign.

They’re hoping Joe will keep his word and stick it out to the bitter end. If he does, our Deplorable-in-Chief is practically guaranteed restoration to his rightful place in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump and his allies love all the attention Joe Biden’s been getting since the debate. The once and future president made “the rare decision to lay low at his New Jersey club and allow Biden to be the story.” Joe’s family doesn’t want to go to prison, so they’re encouraging him to stay in the race. The propaganda ministry is backing his play.

The White House insisted on Wednesday that Joe goes through a series of cognitive tests every day on the job. What Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t mention is that he usually fails them. The last thing Joe’s handlers are going to allow is a real mental exam. Despite his insistence, Democrats are already choosing his replacement.

The presidential frontrunner took the long, patriotic, weekend off, telling everyone on his team to “enjoy the Fourth of July holiday.”

Calling friendly Democrats

Quietly, behind the scenes, Trump campaign workers and advisers “have been calling reporters and friendly Democrats, hunting for any clues into what might happen next should Biden ultimately walk away from his reelection bid.” Michelle Obama is still insisting that she’s not going to do it.

Nobody believes her, especially since the polls keep showing she’s the only Democrat with a chance in November. The next best hope for Progressives is Kamala Harris. They’re really hoping they don’t get stuck with her. The other choices are less popular than herpes.

Until now, team Trump has “largely ignored Vice President Kamala Harris in waging their attacks against the Biden administration.” There’s no need. Kamala has spent the first term either in hiding or in disgrace for messing up one easy assignment after another. Over the past week, that strategy has shifted a little.

On Wednesday, July 3, super PAC MAGA, Inc. “launched its opening salvo against Harris by attacking her oversight of Biden’s border policies in an email.” It asked if she’s “The Best They Got?” The answer to that is “yes.” For now. Until someone offers the Obamas enough to change Michelle’s mind.

No matter who is listed at the top of the Democrat ticket, it’s not going to matter one bit to Trump’s campaign. “President Trump will beat any Democrat on November 5th because he has a proven record and an agenda to Make America Great Again.

Conservative Republicans at the Heritage Foundation worked up a 900 page plan for cleaning the corruption from government they like to call Project 2025. That’s another story.

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