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Trump Supreme Court Pick LEAKED… It Can’t Be!

It is rather amazing how deep some of these liberal pundits look into things to try to hurt Trump or anyone associated with him.

The latest is a report that broke in Newsweek about Judge Aileen Cannon pushing to be Trump’s first SCOTUS pick if Trump wins the election.

Personally, I think this is absurd.

I Doubt It

Cannon had a decent record as a prosecutor, notching a few nice marks on her belt for some major prosecutions in Florida.

However, she is only in her early 40s and the current bench appointment is her first time on the bench.

Now, there are those who are already comparing her to Amy Coney Barrett in terms of experience before being nominated to the Supreme Court, but I think the cases are quite different.

Liberal pundits being what they are, they now believe that Cannon is rigging the classified documents case in Trump’s favor so he will appoint her to the court if he wins.

Richard Painter posted on X, “Judge Cannon sure looks like she’s auditioning for the next open seat on the Supreme Court if Trump wins the election.

“As Norm Eisen, Fred Wertheimer and I have pointed out before, she shouldn’t be trying this case.”

The two men he mentioned are both deeply tied to the left, so they are not exactly neutral observers.

It is just another way for them to attack a Trump-appointed judge.

They all continue to say how she has delayed the classified documents case to help Trump, yet they say nothing about Judge Chutkan having put the January 6 case on hold months before Cannon put her case on hold.

That, of course, is because Chutkan was appointed by a Democrat.

Trump took a lot of flack when he appointed Barrett because of her lack of experience. I just don’t see him doing that again with Cannon.

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