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Biden Replacement Announced… It’s Going To Be…

More than a few people believe Biden’s agreement to debate Trump was a panic move.

Biden is getting crushed in polling, and he knows he needs to make a splash, so he agreed to debate Trump, albeit with a laundry list of demands.

This had led to speculation that if the debates are canceled or if Biden bombs, he will be replaced on the ballot.

It’s Kamala’s Time

Biden’s replacement speculation has been ongoing since Biden’s announcement, but I have never been confident in its likelihood.

There are plenty of others who are, however. Whether they are doing it because they truly believe it or just want to create some clicks remains to be seen.

Liz Peek is among those pundits who believe Biden will be replaced, and she has chosen an odd person to replace him on the ballot… Kamala Harris is perhaps the only person on the planet polling worse than Biden and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) right now.

Peek wrote, “Harris can make a solid case that she can carry on the Obama/Biden agenda and that she is healthy and fit to serve four more years.

“If a large portion of Biden’s unpopularity is due to his age, Harris would be a significant upgrade.

“Harris’ improved posture comes at a pivotal time in the campaign and for the president. Scheduling the first of two presidential debates on June 27, way earlier than usual in the election calendar, has triggered renewed speculation about Democrats dumping Biden at the convention.

“Some think that the timing of the face-off with Donald Trump, many weeks ahead of the Aug. 19 gathering in Chicago, is intended to give Democrats some optionality.

“If the debate is a complete disaster, it is thought, the party will have enough time to regroup and consider an alternative before their convention.”

From what I have read, if this does happen, most people believe it will be Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

The question then becomes how voters will perceive it and if any candidate can come into the race that late and get enough momentum to defeat Trump.

All those questions will be answered for us in less than six months.

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