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The election fiasco isn’t over yet, especially not in Arizona. Conservatives in the legislature are calling for a special session to take a hard look at the fraud evidence and decide if it is appropriate, as many Americans believe, to declare the certified results invalid.

Arizona lawmakers continue to fight

Arizona conservatives aren’t buying the reported election results and they’re convinced they have enough documented evidence to void the officially “certified” vote count.

They’re fighting to the bitter end to insure election integrity. A select panel of Republican state lawmakers held a panel discussion with attorneys for President Donald Trump where compelling evidence was presented detailing exactly how their election was rigged.


The next move is to convince the full legislature to do their Constitutionally mandated duty.

Judge Randall Warner, who sits on the Maricopa County Superior Court ruled in favor of fairness and integrity, allowing GOP lawyers to “compare the signatures on 100 randomly selected envelopes which contained early ballots with the signatures for those same voters already on file.”


Arizona GOP Party Chair Dr. Kelli Ward is convinced that will raise enough red flags to continue the challenge. Judge Warner also ordered a random sample of “100 ballots cast at polling places which were damaged or had other problems.”

They will then be compared to “the versions that were reproduced to ensure they could be read by the machines.”

One way or another, there will be a follow up hearing on Thursday to take a look at the results. Attorney Jack Wilenchik is convinced there will be irregularities.

After errors are identified, Judge Warner will be able to “extrapolate out the error rate.” It will be up to the judge to decide if the officially certified results are “in doubt.” That would invalidate the certification.

After that, it would be up to the legislature, currently controlled by Republicans, to decide who gets the 11 electoral votes alloted to Arizona.

Lawmakers have an ‘obligation’

Representative Mark Finchem wants to deliver a report “to legislative leaders in the next 24 hours urging them to call a special session with an eye on overruling the canvassed popular vote.”

Arizona requires a 2/3 vote to accomplish that. Finchem is convinced that the gravity of the situation will pull the lawmakers straight to the capitol. They have an “obligation” he insists, “under the U.S. Constitution to decide if an election has not been properly conducted.”

Arizona’s RINO Governor, “double crossing” Doug Ducey, who was also responsible for appointing fellow RINO Martha McSally to the Senate against the wishes of conservative voters, sealed his fate in 2022.

Ducey boldly lied to his citizens declaring the election system in Arizona is “strong,” and totally ignoring all the “various claims of fraud or mistakes.”

Not only is there evidence of a hacked election system, statistical analysis of the numbers show they only make sense if every Biden vote was counted at 1.3 and every Trump vote counted as 0.7 which is a feature built in to Dominion Voting Systems equipment.

President Trump wasn’t happy that Ducey signed off on the certification. Ducey even ducked the president’s call, which came in with a distinctively programmed “hail to the chief” ring tone as he was putting his stamp of approval on the fraudulent results.

Later, the president tweeted, “Why would he sign when you have these incredible hearings going on that’s showing such corruption and such horrible fraud on the American people of Arizona? So you have to figure out, what’s that all about with Ducey?”

  1. Thank heavens the legislators of Arizona are looking into this matter & if they are true patriots will do what is right.
    Governor Ducey is a liar & hopefully will get not be re-elected in 2022. Shame on him! To be in public service is an honor & he has dishonored himself & the job.
    He deserves whatever the consequences are & I hope they are severe.

  2. Today as this hearing was going on the Governor certified the election. My money says this Governor is a Democrap.

  3. This is not really about overturning any results. If it does, great. But the main purpose is to ferret out any and all fraud, find those responsible, and prosecute.
    Most think that if there isn’t enough to overturn, then looking for fraud is moot. That’s far from the truth. We must protect the full integrity of our elections process. One illegal vote cast in each district or precinct can make a huge aggregate difference.

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