It’s Over For Joe Biden: Democrats Frantic

Joe Biden didn’t do real well at the big debate. Host CNN is acknowledging that despite all their attempts to slant the rules in his favor, “history will record that it took just 10 minutes to destroy a presidency.” That’s about how far they were into the debate before Joe boasted his administration “finally beat Medicare.” It was all downhill for Joe from there.

Biden alarms Democrats

Democrat fans of Joe Biden could only watch, in ever-increasing horror, as the train wreck of his career exploded in front of them. As CNN admits, it “was clear a political disaster was about to unfold as soon as the 81-year-old commander in chief stiffly shuffled on stage.

The left-leaning outlet dares to report that their favored candidate “produced the weakest performance since John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon started the tradition of televised debates in 1960.

Democrats thought that keeping the audience away from the studio and the ability to mute Trump’s microphone would prevent the Republican and his deplorable MAGA supporters from dominating the contest. It did the opposite.

Donald Trump quietly maintained control and simply made appropriate comments as Biden destroyed himself, every time he opened his mouth.

It was obvious to all observers that “a full-blown Democratic panic was underway at the idea of heading into the election with such a diminished figure at the top of the ticket.

The White House insists that there isn’t going to be a replacement, so just deal with it. Some say that’s because they already have the pre-voted ballots with Joe Biden marked and it’s too late to change them now.

Joe’s “showing was devastating. The tone of the evening was set well before the half hour.”

Joe’s performance ‘devastating’

The chief debate coach for team Biden is Ron Klain. He’s often quoted for his quip that “while you can lose a debate at any time, you can only win it in the first 30 minutes.” Trump dominated the first half hour then the rest of the 90-minute squabble.

The way CNN puts it, by Klain’s standard, Joe’s “showing was devastating. The tone of the evening was set well before the half hour.

Progressives are clinging on to the hope that it’s “too early to say how voters will respond.” They hope Biden can “rescue himself.

He’s already appeared at a campaign rally where he jokes that he’s not as good at debates as he used to be. Laughing it off isn’t going to work this time, but everyone’s too terrified to admit it.

MAGA Republicans are dancing in the streets as CNN laments that “if the debate was the president’s best chance to turn around a tight race with Trump, which has him in deep peril of losing reelection, it was a failure.” Just like Joe himself.

Biden ended the night with the Democratic Party in crisis with serious conversations taking place behind the scenes among senior figures over whether his candidacy is now sustainable, two months before the Democratic National Convention.

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