Look Out Wicked Witch Whitmer, Dorothy has Emerged in Michigan to Snatch Your Seat

Look Out Wicked Witch Whitmer, Dorothy has Emerged in Michigan to Snatch Your Seat

Gretchen Whitmer, arguably one of the country’s worst governors, may be on her way out. She’s up for reelection in 2022, and a popular GOP figure has just joined the race.

Tudor Dixon, the conservative host of “America’s Voice Live,” has just announced her intention to run in Michigan’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

“I am excited to announce that I am running for Governor to get Michigan back on track. We will restore our state and help Michiganders build their American Dream once again! Let’s do this Michigan!” she tweeted.


Dixon, a mother of four, has been a vocal critic of Whitmer’s authoritarian COVID restrictions. “We must hold our governor and government accountable for overstepping their boundaries, attacking our workers and businesses, erasing our rights as free people, and for creating rules they won’t live by themselves,” she said in a statement announcing her candidacy.

“We can’t afford to keep wasting time with the constant hypocrisy and finger-pointing of career politicians like Gretchen Whitmer,” Dixon added.


Dixon’s conservative co-host Steve Gruber announced his support for her candidacy in an early morning tweet on May 20, calling Dixon one of the “most honest and honorable I have ever met.”

“Tudor’s work ethic is second to none and her motivation to be Governor of Michigan is pure. She simply believes she can do better — for all of us. I wish her the very best!” Gruber wrote in a Twitter post.

The Bottom Line

Whitmer is a failure as a governor. Like radical left-wing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, she also put sick COVID patients in nursing homes, likely killing thousands of elderly Michigan residents. Her COVID restrictions are also some of the most authoritarian in the country. She needs to go, and Dixon is definitely a good choice for a replacement.

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