Breaking: Trump Announcement Has Patriots Around the Country Mobilizing

President Trump’s early morning twitter announcement has patriots around the country mobilizing to Georgia. The President is calling upon his supporters to mount a massive defense of Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The two Republican Senators face a withering opposition, willing to do anything in the upcoming Georgia Runoffs. These two seats will decide control of the US Senate.

President Trump’s Call to Patriots

“They should be in the United States Senate. They are desperately needed. But I told them today, you have a fraudulent system,” President Trump said.

In an interview on Thanksgiving according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

“Trump took questions for the first time since Election Day and angrily denounced officials in Georgia and Pennsylvania, two key swing states that helped give Biden the win, as “enemies of the state” and claimed they were culprits in vote fraud.”

The Architect of Georgia’s Problems: Brad Raffensperger

Regarding Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who has repeatedly denied allegations of voter fraud in the state, Trump was direct.

“I understand the Secretary of State who is really, he’s an enemy of the people. The Secretary of State, whether he’s Republican or not, this man what he’s done,” the President said.

Raffensperger’s repeated denials are troubling in light of multiple instances of questionable voting mistakes and improbable margins arose during Election day in the Peach state.

President Trump elaborated on the “fraudulent system” at play in Georgia and in other states. “Well, I told them today I think you’re dealing with a very fraudulent system. You have a system where the flip of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history,” Trump said.

“Supposedly he (Raffensperger) made a deal and you’ll have to check this where she’s (Stacey Abrams) allowed to harvest but in other areas they’re not allowed, What kind of a deal is that? They’re not allowed to harvest during the Presidential.” Mark Megahan detailed the “consent agreement” between Raffensperger and the Georgia DNC here.

Georgia on our minds…

With the heavily weighted runoff on Jan 5th approaching and both parties funneling massive sums of money and personnel into the state, tensions are high. Georgia is still in the midst of it’s own recount after certifying the election on November 6th.

On April 12, 1861 the nation’s breaking point was at Ft. Sumpter, South Carolina. In January of 2020 it may be just 300 miles west in Atlanta.

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