Federal Judge Slaps Biden Hard, Stops Him Right in His Tracks

The imperialist regime got a taste of their own medicine late Tuesday when a federal judge slapped Imperial Leader Joe Biden so hard he was stunned dead in his tracks. The same way the Democrats challenged all of Trump’s policy decisions came back to haunt them.

Federal judge sides with Trump

Late Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton canceled His Wisdom’s Palace Decree which would have allowed “a 100-day moratorium on most deportations.” He banned the globalist measure “indefinitely.”

The State of Texas was happy to read what the court wrote in the decision. They requested the preliminary injunction, arguing “the moratorium violated federal law and risked imposing additional costs on the state.”

Imperial Leader Biden promised the “100-day pause” as part of his campaign, along with the general strategy of rolling Barack Obama’s red carpet out to any piece of slime who wants to ooze across our porous borders.

The imperialists call it “a larger review of immigration enforcement and an attempt to reverse the priorities of former President Donald Trump.” Nationalism must be stamped out once and for all. The judge just threw a huge monkey-wrench into that scheme.

Until the judge got in the way, His Wisdom had his eye on amnesty. He wants “a sweeping immigration bill that would allow the legalization of an estimated 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally.”

He also wants to slap the handcuffs on immigration and border agents to keep them from harassing incoming Iranian terrorists.

Biden violated federal law

Judge Tipton obviously hasn’t forgotten that it was former President Donald Trump who gave him his seat on the bench. On January 26, he ruled that the scheme as proposed “violated federal law on administrative procedure.”

The team of lawyers working for His Imperial Wisdom “failed to show why a deportation pause was justified.” The temporary restraining order was due to expire, so the court decided to stretch it out as long as needed.

The ruling issued by Judge Tipton didn’t say a single word about ramping deportations up to prior levels though. Sniveling Democrats are expected to start a slowdown on processing to bring the pace of deportations to a crawl.

They have “wide latitude in enforcing removals and processing cases” and are expected to stretch inches into miles.

Since the judge issued his ruling, authorities managed to ship 15 people back to Jamaica, while “hundreds of others” were dragged to Central America.

His Wisdom is so committed to maintaining the narrative that Covid-19 is a close cousin of the Andromeda Strain as an excuse to lock the deplorable population away from the National Guard. He has to fully endorse the propaganda which says immigrants in Mexico are better on that side of the border “due to the coronavirus pandemic.” That upsets his fan base.

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