Over 2,500 Police Officers Quit!

Ever since the leftists pushed the defund the police movement, retention rates in police departments in blue states have been a serious issue with no resolution in sight. And it’s obviously no secret that the NYPD is included in that crisis.

Over 2,500 officers have already left the department this year, making it the fourth-highest number in the past decade. The workload is one of the leading contributors to this dramatic exodus, leaving many wondering what can be done to alleviate these troubling circumstances.

According to reports from the New York Post, over 1,000 police officers decided to quit before they were eligible for pensions after 20 years on duty. This makes it increasingly difficult for departments to keep up with their staffing needs and puts an even bigger strain on those who remain.

Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association commented on this issue saying: “If the NYPD is going to survive these staffing reductions, it cannot just keep squeezing cops for more hours.” With fewer officers available and longer working hours taking their toll on those still in service, many are feeling discouraged and looking elsewhere for work opportunities.

In response to the city’s mounting illegal migrant crisis Mayor Eric Adams has announced a hiring freeze within the department; only two days after he said they wouldn’t hire a class of 250 school safety agents currently being trained. One officer spoke out about his thoughts saying: “I keep in contact with guys I was in the police academy with and we all have same notion… 95 percent of us are planning on leaving.”

Another officer shared his experience stating: “We’ve been working an average of about 13-14 hours a day with protests happening in the city… enough is enough.” It’s clear that many are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope under such demanding conditions without proper support or relief from additional staff members.

This situation raises concerns about how much can be realistically achieved within current NYPD resources and whether something needs to change if long-term stability is going to be maintained. Without decisive action from officials soon, more officers may choose leave their positions – creating further issues down the line as demands rise but personnel resources remain inadequate.

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