BLM Says They are Done With ‘White’, Want Separation

The honeymoon of ‘intersectionality‘ is officially over. Portland’s BLM Says they are done with ‘White’, they want “separation” from Antifa.

Steven Ahle wrote for,

“BLM protesters want a separation between themselves and Antifa, because of their white privilege.”

Ahle, goes on to explain: “It has been discovered that many of the Antifa protesters come from well to do families and they have a tendency to get bailed out as opposed to those in the Black community. There are many in the BLM movement who are tired of being painted with the same brush as Antifa.”

Is This About ‘Privilege’? Or Bail Money?

Ah, there is the main focus. They come from rich or “well to do” families and they get bailed out, whilst black BLM members do not. Is BLM working under the assumption that the black community is too impoverished to make bail? But isn’t that a racist stereotype?

Meanwhile, Ahle also wrote,

“The violence in many BLM protests in Portland come from antifa. They will shout obscenities into the face of police but BLM always ends up sharing the blame.” This just sounds like a couple of six-year-olds standing next to a broken window, pointing at each other and saying “He did it.” in unison. The argument that Antifa is the source of all violence at BLM rallies falls flat when you consider that “A prominent Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader Walter (Hawk) Newsome was arrested on Sunday (Nov 1st) after blocking a pro-Trump caravan.” Nine BLM rioters were arrested with Newsome at the same protest.

They are Done With ‘White’? Since When? Antifa was always ‘White’.

Seriously?!? BLM JUST noticed that Antifa is primarly composed of spoiled, rich, white kids? We’ve been telling them that for over a year now! The Federalist’s David Marcus reported in July of 2019,

“Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Antifa has seen videos of their violent antics and can see for himself or herself that almost all of them are white dudes. Anyone who has ever been in their presence knows this too.”

Just in case David’s word isn’t enough, let’s go to the mugshots published by the Post Millennial in October 2019 from the Multnomah County District Attorney. Notice anything? The only diversity quota they’re meeting is on a hair color palette.


One Activist spoke to Oregon Public Broadcasting and said

“Tensions between Black activists fighting for racial justice and anti-establishment protesters have bubbled beneath the surface for months.”

“This week marks six months since Floyd’s death, and protests continue in Portland. But now, activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.”

Gee, Do you think so?

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