Breaking News: Fresh Election Fraud Info Emerges

Tired of hearing of election fraud yet? Well, President Donald Trump and his supporters aren’t because this is helping to build their case of proving that the 2020 election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor.

More Fraud Uncovered

Battleground states are being looked at closely and recently the state of Michigan has a new election fraud incident come into play.

In Wayne County, Michigan 566,788 absentee ballots were cast but 203,311 ballots show that no application for an absentee ballot was mailed or sent to the voter. So 36 percent of absentee votes were never requested in the first place.

Other parts of Michigan came to 9 percent of voters who never requested a mail-in ballot. That means Wayne county was a staggering four times the state average.

Details Emerge

The Gateway Pundit reported on the details of this scandal:

One Michigan data vendor with regular business in front of the Secretary of State said, “This isn’t necessarily a smoking gun for fraud, but it does suggest that either wide scale ballot harvesting was being done, or the post office was backdating illegal ballots, or there was widespread absentee ballot fraud as many people have alleged.” 

According to the Michigan Bureau of Elections, “If that field is blank it simply means that the voter was never sent an absentee application. With the new Online Absentee Application [and] lots of voters sent an app in through MVIC so they were never sent one.”

Looks Like Michigan Might Go to Trump

MVIC is referring to the Michigan Voter Information Center run by the Department of State that mailed absentee ballot applications to everyone in the state of Michigan. Someone receiving one of these applications and filling it out or filling out the Online Absentee Ballot Application would be one cause for that field to be blank in the majority of these cases. It is also possible that someone could physically go into their clerk’s office and request an absentee ballot. No application would be sent to the voter in that instance.

“If you had someone in the Clerk’s office who was just handing them off to someone who was going to fill them out, or someone in the Post Office gathering ballots as they come in or that weren’t deliverable and then handed those off to people who would fill them out, it would look like this. It’s very suspicious that four times more absentees are missing this data than anywhere else in Michigan, this data suggests Trump may have won the state by 30,000 votes,” the Michigan data vendor added.

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