Model Says Her Body’s ‘Too Dangerous’ After Vicious Attack

This fashion model has made the shocking claim that her body is “too dangerous” for social media after her online posts were targeted by cancel culture. So would we agree with her statement? Let’s find out.

Model Veronika Rajek is a renowned Instagram influencer, working with top fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, and Moschino. Recently she has been the target of cancellation by an online outrage mob – a response to her “naturally perfect” appearance.

She claims that those who are jealous of her body are attempting to body-shame her. But why does this successful model receive so much criticism?

The body positivity movement is something that embraces all shapes and sizes in an effort to help improve people’s mental health. It can be hurtful when someone attacks your physical appearance, especially when it’s unwarranted.

Unfortunately, Veronika claims that there is often an attack on her for simply posting photos of herself which she believes is wrong and unfair. In today’s society, many overweight or obese women are celebrated for their self-love but a beautiful tall woman like Veronika receives retaliation for wanting to be positive in her own skin.

This has led some people to report her account due to feeling offended by her slim look; leading to lost money and work opportunities.

Veronika wants nothing more than promote positivity about being proud of one’s own body without sharing anything X-rated or controversial – something she feels should not be seen as wrong or offensive but instead celebrated.

Of course this success comes with its fair share of jealousy from trolls who criticize the model relentlessly no matter what she posts online or how hard she works for it. She even went through a breast exam just to prove that all 36D cups were natural.

Despite the many dedicated fans supporting Veronika Rajek through this difficult time – ultimately being “too beautiful” seems like a crime worthy enough of punishment according to social media users these days.

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