Mass chaos rioting looting Philadelphia

Breaking News: Mass Chaos Over Night After Governor Makes Announcement

Looting, rioting, and chaos continued for a second consecutive night in Philadelphia on Tuesday following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. in West Philadelphia.

Wallace, 27, was armed with a knife, ignored repeated warnings by police to drop the weapon, and charged toward the officers. He was shot 14 times by two of the officers on the scene, who were called for a domestic disturbance related to the mental health of Wallace. The family had reportedly called for an ambulance, not police, to help Wallace. People often do not understand that emergency workers will not arrive on scene until police have cleared it of any present danger.

As usual, Black Lives Matter does not care whether a shooting was justified, they just want to cause chaos.

Police announced on Tuesday night that looting along Aramingo Avenue in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood has “rapidly gone downhill” and is a “total loss.”

The city and police department asked residents to stay indoors in West and North Philadelphia, Port Richmond, Kensington, and Fishtown. Demonstrators faced off with police officers in riot gear outside the 18th Police District and along the 52nd Street commercial corridor.

Several arrests have been made.


Looters could be seen entering multiple stores, including a Foot Locker and a Five Below.

Widespread looting also occurred at a nearby Walmart store in Port Richmond. Philadelphia police sent out a warning on Twitter to stay away from the area as a crowd of approximately 1,000 people was looting in the area.

A large police presence was also observed at a Target store in Port Richmond.

Elijah Schaffer, a reporter for The Blaze who has been on the ground for a lot of the riots, posted about the chaos on Twitter:

Fox News seemed to be the only mainstream news outlet that was actually on scene to cover the riots and violence:

Thirty police officers were injured during the first round of riots on Monday night, including a female police officer whose leg was broken after she was hit by a car.

Early Tuesday evening, Governor Tom Wolf’s office announced that the Pennsylvania National Guard was mobilizing to head to Philly. Guard members were sent to help protect local property and supplement the Philadelphia Police, a Guard spokesman said.


“I do not want to see my city tore down. We don’t need that. You’re not resolving anything for our family. Don’t do this in the name of my nephew because this is not what he would’ve wanted,” said Rodney Everett, Wallace’s uncle.

  1. A TANKER LOAD OF LIQUID CO2 sprayed into the front openings of the businesses being looted will calm things down without firearms or violent actions by anybody.

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