Dozens of Officers Injured Over Night as BLM and Antifa Go Ape Sh*t Destroying Everything in Their Path

Three radical, ape sh-t for Antifa, anarchists were captured for every injured officer, but BLM forces still managed to cause heavy damage to police and fire equipment in the skirmish.

More than two dozen Philadelphia cops were injured in Monday night’s battle with Black Lives Matter forces. Local businesses were looted through the night and into the morning. City officials are gearing up for a repeat engagement of forces Tuesday evening.

BLM forces assault local fortress of justice

All it takes to spark a battle between the Antifa inspired Black Lives Matter army and local police forces is for them to perform the job they were hired to do. On Monday, someone called 911 to report a man with a weapon.

Subsequently, around 4 p.m., two West Philadelphia officers responded. They knew they were going to have trouble with BLM the second they laid eyes on their non-Caucasian suspect.

Several times, they politely asked 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. to drop the knife he was following them with, and then they shot him. 14 times. What was left was still breathing so they threw him in their patrol car and rushed him to the hospital where he didn’t make it. BLM saw that as the perfect excuse for a battle.

BLM troops soon arrived at the scene of the shooting then marched to the 18th Police District and surrounded the station. Tense scenes unfolded outside the police stronghold as unprotected police cruisers were torched one after another and outnumbered officers were forced to watch helplessly.

As fire units arrived on the scene, their trucks and equipment were also attacked and burned by well prepared and organized rabble.

The crowd disbursed but didn’t go home

After a total of 30 police officers were injured by flying rocks and bricks, including one female officer who sustained a broken leg after being run over by a pickup truck, the police formed a skirmish line of about a dozen officers armed with batons. They “ran down 52nd Street chasing protesters away from the main thoroughfare.”

The crowd disbursed but didn’t go home. All through the night, local shops were burglarized and looted by BLM commandos while several dumpsters were also set on fire.


When the sun came up Tuesday morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw faced the press to relate that 30 officers were in “stable condition” after being released from the hospital except for the one who was run over. They managed to capture 90 BLM prisoners. Of those, 76 were charged with looting, 11 on assaults against police, and three for failure to disperse.

Police are quick to add that more charges and arrests are pending when the video camera footage from all the looted stores gets analyzed. The commissioner also noted that “the department will increase police presence across the city Tuesday night,” because they expect more civil unrest.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jim Kenney offered support for BLM, urging them not to hold it against the police for enforcing White privilege property rights or for attempting to protect the safety of the public from knife wielding psychopaths. He assured the minions of George Soros that “he remains committed to understanding the anguish of black and brown Philadelphia residents and to accomplishing truly lasting reforms.”

  1. It’s time these bastards get shot, they are an enemy force invading America. They are at war with the USA and as with any enemy force trying to take over a City, just start shooting them, the enemy. Start killing them and they might learn it’s not a good idea to destroy cities and business’, they will never be productive citizens anyway!

  2. This is exactly why Pres. Trump should be re-elected, time for all these Democrats to be voted out of every single office everywhere. They are for total lawlessness and destruction in our country and it has to end. The brave men and women of law enforcement are having to face harm every day and the Democrats just keep aiding and abetting this behavior. White, Black, Brown doesn’t matter these Thugs need to be stopped and elected officials need to pay for their actions as well. The Democrats have lost their minds and are just trying to save their own skins, trying to put an end to all of the Obama/Biden Corruption and whoever else was involved.

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