HOT New Rasmussen Poll Has Trump SURGING Past Biden

HOT New Rasmussen Poll Has Trump SURGING Past Biden

A new poll by Rasmussen has President Trump surging into a lead over Joe Biden. The same poll had Biden leading Trump 49 to 46 last Wednesday, but Trump has since gained four points, putting him at a 48 to 47 lead over Biden.

In the survey of 1,500 likely voters, Trump currently has 84% of support from Republicans, while Biden only has 77% of Democrat support.

Though this poll is definitely an outlier, it does show President Trump may be gaining support after the recent debate between him and Joe Biden.


Recent Gains by President Trump

Other polls have been showing President Trump gaining support in unlikely places, including among black Americans.

Another Rasmussen poll, taken shortly after the last presidential debate, showed Trump’s approval among black likely voters surging from 25% to 46%.


Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll on the same day found that 51% of likely voters approve of President Trump’s job performance while 48% disapprove.

Though none of the other polls show any of these gains for President Trump, Rasmussen was one of the only polling institutions to come close to correctly predicting the 2016 election.

Many on the right see this as an indicator that history may be repeating itself, and that most of the major polling institutions are wrong once again.

  1. You can’t predict with any sense of confidence. Election aside, win or lose, where’s our next Trump coming from? Our bench is not exactly filled with replacements. We can’t allow the establishment to move in.

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