Police Officers Forced to Flee Area Because of BLM Extremely Violent Rioters (Video)

Last night Philadelphia devolved into absolute chaos and BLM rioters violently attacked police officers in the area.

Rioters Destroy Another City

Journalists identified the rioters as Black Lives Matter members and watched as police were attacked.

The incident in the notorious Pennsylvania city started after two police officers shot a man who was allegedly coming at them with a gun and knife.

The rioters were “throwing rocks and bricks at police” while others were “looting or vandalizing businesses,” NBC Philadelphia reported. “At least 30 police officers were hurt, police said. One was hospitalized, a 56-year-old sergeant who was struck by a pickup truck at 52nd and Walnut streets early Tuesday. Her leg was broken, among other injuries, police said.”

Police Hit by Vehicle

Other videos taken show a police vehicle in the riot area being set on fire and an officer being run over by a truck.

The city of Philadelphia is controlled by Democrats and has a very radical district attorney. Larry Krasner is backed by George Soros and has significant decision making in the district.

Reports on Police Shooting Incident

A report by NBC Philadelphia in regards to the armed man who was shot said:

One video posted on Instagram shows Wallace walking toward the officers while a woman, who a witness identified as Wallace’s mother, tries to stop him. Two armed police officers back away from Wallace and tell him at least twice to “put the knife down” though it’s unclear from the video whether or not Wallace is holding a knife.

As Wallace continues to approach the officers, the camera briefly points downward and the sounds of several gunshots are heard as the police open fire. The camera then rises again, showing Wallace motionless on the ground as his mother runs toward him, screaming hysterically.

Maurice Holloway, a witness, told NBC10 he helped officers place Wallace in the police car that rushed him to the hospital.

  1. Open fire on those assholes. Weapons on full automatic would disperse that crown in a heartbeat.

  2. Mayor Kenny of Philadelphia will follow suit to cut back or replace the Philadelphia Police force with a new Police force called Black Lives Matter. This new police force will then take control of the City and riot against ALL inner city business and force anarchist tyranny forcing the people to join their revolution or be murdered. From there the mobs will impose mob anarchist totalitarian rule over the rest of Metro Philadelphia.

  3. Am sorry but if you want to fight or kill the police then the police should shoot them. That would end it real fast.

  4. Send troups to these cities under attack by the terrorist mobs. The mobs are not welcome in the USA and we should show them that once and for all. All should be sent to compounds to live like the prisoners they should be, with nothing!

  5. BLM are terrorists and the democrat Mayors and Governors are allowing it. They do not protect the American people or their businesses. It is time to vote out these horrible people who allow these horrible riots.Call in the National Guards and take our cities back mayors and governors. You swore to keep us safe and you run away.

  6. Frank Rizzo would have never allowed this to happen in his Phila!!! He would have protected life limb and property and given full support to the Police and Fire fighters!! This shows just how low todays Democrats have stooped and caved to the radical left because they are the left now!!

  7. That is beyond any stretch of peaceful protests. The first violent protester to pick up a rock and throw it should have been the first one shot dead in his tracks. And the same for any others! Time to move in with full force and put this down!

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