Breaking: More Hamas Casualties Reported

Friday morning, November 10, has marked the 34th day of the Israel-Hamas war as Israeli forces are conducting airstrikes in northern Gaza. Fox News correspondent, Trey Tingst, reported that three hospitals located in the same area are now surrounded by IDF troops.

Inside these medical facilities are reportedly an unknown number of civilians who are receiving treatment.

In an effort to reduce civilian casualties from this conflict, approximately 80,000 people evacuated northern Gaza through designated pathways on Thursday night. This was reported by Yingst via the IDF.

Additionally, members of Hamas‘ Nukbha terror cell were killed overnight – including two commanders named Ahmed Musa and Omar Al-Hindi – due to intelligence gathered by both the IDF and Israel Securities Authority (ISA).

Musa was said to have led attacks against IDF forces within 24 hours prior to his death, as well as having been one of the commanders that orchestrated Hamas’ invasion into Zikim Base, Kibbutz Zikim and Yiftach Post.

The ISA also stated that Mohammed Kahlout – head of Hamas’ Northern Brigade Sniper Array – had also been eliminated during this time frame along with nineteen other militants that had planned on attacking Israeli troops.

The Times of Israel reported:

“The Israel Defense Forces says ground forces killed several Hamas operatives, including members of the terror group’s elite Nukhba forces who participated in the October 7 massacre.

The operations were carried out following intelligence information provided to the soldiers by the Shin Bet Security agency.

The IDF says the troops killed Ahmed Musa, a Nukhba company commander, and Amr Alhandi, a Nukhba platoon commander, who were holed up in Jabaliya.

According to the IDF, Musa was one of the Hamas commanders who led the assault on the Zikim base, the nearby Kibbutz, and another army post in the area on October.

“In recent days Ahmed Musa led offensive activity against IDF forces in the west Jabaliya area,” the IDF says.

The IDF says troops also killed Muhammed Kahlout, the head of Hamas’s so-called sniper array in the terror group’s northern Gaza brigade.

In another incident, the IDF says troops of the 252nd Division killed 19 Hamas operatives who were planning to attack soldiers.”

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