Joe Biden Just Flipped

Imperial Leader Biden flipped like a coin on Monday, deciding that his predecessor had the best plan after all. His handlers are going spastic because he originally “reversed” Trump’s aluminum tariffs on the United Arab Emirates. Now, he decided, in his imperial wisdom, Trump’s policy will stand.

Biden wants the cash

In an Imperial Proclamation issued Monday, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. declared he will “maintain the 10 percent tariffs on aluminum imports.” Trade restrictions first imposed by Former President Trump in March of 2018. For Joe, it’s all about the Benjamins, man.

As a parting gesture of good will to the incoming regime, while Joe was assuming control of what some call his illegitimate government, Trump spent his Air Force One flight into Florida exile lifting the fines he himself imposed.


Former President Trump explained when he lifted the tariffs that there was no longer a need for them. He had reached a deal where both the U.S. and the UAE would “agreement to limit aluminum imports.” As part of Trump’s historic Mid-East Peace deal, the Arabs had become a “major security partner.”

What he was talking about was something that terrifies Chairman Biden. Back in September, the UAE, Bahrain and Israel formally signed the “Abraham Accords.” For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, it “normalized” relations between Israel and the neighboring Arab nations.

Jet fuel was pumping like a gusher. After inking the deal, UAE and Bahrain “became the third and fourth Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.”


What that meant to the average Arab on the street was “the breakthrough also established direct commercial flights between Israel and the UAE.” The thing that has Leader Biden upset is that Trump pushed through an arms deal and Joe didn’t get his cut.

Focused on drones

In November, Former President Trump negotiated “a $23 billion arms sale to the Emirates, focused on drones, fighter jets and air-to-air missiles.” The minions working for Biden in the accounting department started looking at the deal under a microscope.

They suddenly realized that without the tariffs to level the playing field the Arabs would be robbing us blind. As Quid Pro Joe put it, “In my view, the available evidence indicates that imports from the UAE may still displace domestic production, and thereby threaten to impair our national security.”

Imperial Leader Biden believes that “maintaining the tariff is likely to be more effective in protecting our national security than the untested quota.”

He couldn’t bear to use Trump’s name. Washington Post points out that “the untested quota” was as a “reference to his predecessor’s action.”

Over at the diplomatic embassy in Washington, a spokesperson for the United Arab Emirates wouldn’t respond for requests but everyone knows that the camel jockeys are jumping up and down over what Biden just did.

They thought they had a deal. The progressive New World Order tactics aren’t going to go over well with the Ruler of Abu Dhabi.

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