Police Force Says They are Sick of People Reporting Govt EXTORTION

Our friends and relations in the frozen north of Canada, under the totalitarian regime of Justin Trudeau, seem to have found a reasonable way to deal with their School Boards running amok with outlandish, authoritarian vaccination mandates: they’ve been calling the police… a lot… with complaints of extortion.  So much so in fact that the Toronto police have suddenly decided that they’re both fed up with it and evidently have spontaneously become judges pronouncing that the mandates are “not a crime”.

“We have taken 53 reports in relation to TDSB and three for TCDSB. After reviewing the occurrences, no criminal charges will be laid. This is not a criminal matter and we would ask that people do not report this to police,” said a police spokesperson.

Beginning on November 1st, the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board have updated their policies stating that “Trustees, employees and other people who have direct contact with staff and students at the TDSB must be fully vaccinated.”

Demanding Charges Against the School Boards for “extortion, assault, attempted assault, harassment”

According to Canadian Broadcaster CTV News, “A video posted online shows a man who says he is an educator at a November 6 rally at Nathan Phillips Square telling the crowd that he and a “handful” of other teachers went to 32 Division in October to complain that they were being extorted.”

“Myself and a handful of other staff from the Toronto District School Board went to the Toronto Police, and reported crimes of extortion, assault, attempted assault, harassment and many other charges under the Criminal Code of Canada,” the man says to cheers.

In spite of what Toronto Police have seen fit to pronounce, the descriptions they’ve given of the coercive acts of the School Boards have been quite apt. Approximately 1,594 members of the Toronto Schools staff are not complying with the mandate, 875 attesting that they are not vaccinated, 719 are refusing to respond.

This is exactly how the American people should begin responding to these assaults on our bodily sovereignty as well, force these mandates into court, and dismantle them on the facts just as The Daily Wire and dozens of other companies have, along with 26 states. Justice will prevail.

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