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It would appear that the Republican Party has finally woken up when it comes to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

After conservatives begged members of Congress to replace this woman after the last election, they ignored us.

Now, after yet another election debacle, they are finally saying that she needs to be removed.

You Put Her There

I cannot help but laugh at Republicans in office who are whining about the job that McDaniel has been doing.

Since she took over as Chair of the RNC, it has been one loss after another, and these were all in years that we were supposed to have a red wave or red tsunami in Congress.

Even our wins have been losses, as gaining the House in 2022 was hardly the margin we expected, and now we are already in danger of losing it again.

The fact that Virginia’s legislature went completely blue this cycle is a disaster for Governor Youngkin, and will likely put a Democrat back in office there in the next cycle.

This was pretty typical of the reaction I saw online…

Be it messaging or money, or a combination of the two, every decision this woman makes has been wrong.

She must be removed from office.

Source: Breitbart

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