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Trump Confirms He Will Be Taking the Stand During Trials

Well, Donald Trump says he is going to do it.

When it comes time for his trials to start, Trump has confirmed that he will be taking the stand.

Trump confirmed this during a podcast interview with Hugh Hewitt.

Taking the Stand

In most cases, an attorney will try to prevent their client from taking the stand in a criminal trial.

This is not social media, so Trump is going to have to be careful what he says once prosecutors get their chance at him.

My particular concern for Trump is in the January 6 case.

Even though he is not facing insurrection charges just yet, a wrong statement under cross-examination could change that rather quickly.

Trump does not seem concerned, however.

When asked if he would testify, he responded, “Oh yes, absolutely.”

“That, I would do — that, I look forward to… At trial, I’ll testify. Because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Just be careful what you say, Mr. Trump, because you would be walking right into a trap.

Source: Fox News

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