Breaking: Key Hamas Stronghold Captured

On Thursday, November 9, after nearly 10 hours of fighting, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced a major breakthrough in the battle against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. According to IDF, troops of the Nahal Infantry Brigade were successful in capturing a Hamas stronghold, known as outpost 17, located in west Jabaliya.

The 10-hour battle resulted in dozens of terror operatives being killed, and IDF forces uncovered a significant amount of weapons and tunnel shafts that included one located adjacent to a kindergarten leading to an extensive underground route.

Moreover, the IDF retrieved valuable battle plans from within the outpost.

In addition to the ground fighting, the Israeli Air Force carried out numerous strikes against hundreds of targets in Gaza over the course of 24 hours.

While it remains unclear what damage these airstrikes caused or how many casualties were inflicted on either side, it is clear that this was part of an effort by Israel’s military forces to cripple terrorist operations in Gaza.

The recent actions taken by IDF forces indicate that they have no intention of backing down from their efforts to ensure security for Israelis.

NBC News reported:

“The Israeli military said this morning its troops had captured a Hamas stronghold after a 10-hour battle in northern Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces also said it had killed a Hamas commander in charge of anti-tank operations.

Ibrahim Abu-Ma’asiv had operated many anti-tank missile launches toward civilians and soldiers, the IDF said.

NBC News has not verified the claims.”

This is a developing story.

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