Bill Barr Massive Declaration!

The New York Times “ignored some fundamental facts as to why some of the information that Durham was seeking was very important information.” The progressive left has gone on the offensive to protect Imperial Leader Biden and the Deep State rats running government from the shadows. That means an offensive smear campaign against the Special Prosecutor and former Attorney. As soon as William Barr saw the sign Democrats tried to hang on them, he promptly ordered The Times to “take it down.” Barr “stood by his 2019 appointment.

Dems twist Durham investigation

Democrats, former Attorney General William Barr declares, are trying to twist the Durham Special Investigation into something they can use to get the DOJ and FBI off the criminal hook with. He’s not going to stand for it. On Wednesday, February 1, Barr denied point-blank that he pressured the special prosecutor “to find flaws in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election conducted by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

Mueller’s witch hunt came up empty, which totally infuriated the liberal-left. They’re still steaming about it enough to throw it on their pile of things to attack, now that Hunter finally admits his laptop was his.

The idea that there was a thin basis” for appointing Durham “doesn’t hold water,” Barr told the LA Times. “Because it wasn’t started as a criminal investigation.” That’s the part Democrats are trying to spin in his face.

One of the duties of the attorney general is to protect against the abuse of criminal and intelligence powers, that they’re not abused to impinge on political activity, so I felt it was my duty to find out what happened there.” What happened with “Obamagate,” not Mueller’s fishing trip into Trump-Russia collusion.

Democrats call the timing suspicious because Barr appointed Durham “just weeks after Mueller’s report was released.” He tasked the special investigator “with scouring the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, including whether the intelligence community was involved in raising questions about what the Trump campaign knew about Russian attempts to interfere in the election.” That is a serious offense.

It means, as Jim Jordan knows real well, that the Federal Bureau of Instigation and Just Us Department were “weaponized” against an opposing political candidate, on purpose. The final report is about to come out and Democrats are scrambling to get in front of it. They may regret that when it hits them like a truck. Then again, the truck might not see what trap the Deep State has cooked up in preparation for that, either. That’s what happens when the rats are in charge of guarding the cheese.

Garland decides what’s released

The Democrats are counting on Merrick Garland to hold the defensive line for them. He gets to decide “how much of the report becomes public.” Barr was sure to note that Durham will use his final report “to explain, to the extent he’s allowed to put it out, the whole genesis of [Crossfire Hurricane] and how it all occurred.” Adding for emphasis, “So what’s wrong with that? You review something, you get the facts. Yes, we wanted to hold people accountable if something came up that indicated criminality, or you could prove criminality. But it wasn’t a criminal investigation, it was a review to get the story. And he got the story.

That right there in a nutshell is what Democrats are terrified about. The whole Obamagate anti-Trump seditious conspiracy is about to see the light of day.

Another thing that makes Joe Biden nervous is the fact that the Durham probe “relied on Russian intelligence memos to investigate financier George Soros.” The special investigator also had the nerve to “scrutinize Hillary Clinton.

Liberals are especially nervous that Barr and the special prosecutor like to socialize in their off time. They “often met weekly to discuss the probe’s progress, sometimes over dinner and scotch.” Barr has two words for that. “So what.

Barr swears up and down that “he didn’t break any department regulations by meeting frequently with Durham.” Another thing the press got wrong in their smear attack is the suggestion that the special investigation stumbled on “evidence to support Trump’s accusations of wrongdoing by federal law enforcement” and sat on it.

Barr sheds light on that by explaining “the specifics of the tip are unclear, and Durham did not bring charges over it.” Not only that, the tip “was not directly about Trump.” The special investigation had good reason to look into it because “it did have a relationship to the Russiagate stuff. It was not completely separate from it. And it turned out to be a complete non-issue.

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