He Has Already Detonated Nuclear Weapons

An alleged Kremlin insider has made the claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently attempted to detonate a nuclear weapon, however, that his efforts were undermined by the top brass in Moscow.

The report, released at The Mirror, additionally makes the claim that unspecified technological issues could account for the failure of Russian nukes.

“[Putin’s] decision on the use of tactical nuclear weapons [in the Ukraine conflict] would no doubt face resistance,” Valery Solovey said according to The Mirror.

Solovey is a political scientist, historian, and an expert on Putin according to Timcast News, he’s also the previous head of Public Relations at Moscow’s Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], which is allegedly a training school for Russian spies and diplomatic personnel.

“I don’t know how effective the resistance will be but I will indicate [that] nuclear tests were supposed to be held over the past two weeks, one in the Barents sea, underwater, and the second underground, in Arkhangelsk region. Both times the tests were not held,” he said.

“The reason is that before the launch, or more accurately, before the use of tactical nuclear weapons, it is necessary to make sure these weapons are fully operable,” he explained. “They had to be tested.”

Solovey explained that each time, the operational tests were “disrupted.”

According to his statement to The Mirror, Putin received notification of an “emergency situation” that the nuclear detonations “didn’t work out.”

He insisted that Putin has made a commitment to utilizing some type of nuclear weapon in the battle with Ukraine and has rescheduled the tests for an indeterminate time in the future.

“But the thing is, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence,” he said.

He included that if the third round of tests ended similarly, it would create an appearance of sabotage and demonstrate the “dissolution of [Putin’s] authority, of Russia’s executive power” by officials declining to follow “the orders of the chief commander.”

The open conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as increased tensions NATO nations have continued to escalate over recent weeks. Moscow also declared the equivalent of martial law in the four illegally annexed regions of eastern Ukraine and deployed nuclear bombers near the border of a NATO member nation: Norway.

The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher and it appears that an unknown member or members of the Russian military command have started to blink.

The report from the Mirror, if true could indicate a more dangerous sequence of events than even Putin could’ve imagined… a civil war or coup d’etat in a nuclear-armed power.

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