Conservative Lawmakers Are Calling This City a Criminal ‘Urban Hellscape’…

The way Congress sees Washington, D.C., it’s a hellish city full of crappy schools who turn out nothing but professional criminals. They don’t like the district’s new soft on crime agenda one bit.

A hellish city

Conservative lawmakers blasted the D.C. City Council. They didn’t pull any punches with the city’s public schools either. They blame the District of Columbia’s surging crime on alleged “mismanagement” by the local administrators.

The resolution which they have pending, to overturn a recent council vote, advanced in committee.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing turned “quarrelsome” soon after it started. Considering the theme of the hearing was “Overdue Oversight of the Capital City: Part 1,” it’s easy to see why.

Especially when highly vocal conservatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia are sitting on it. She calls D.C. an “urban hellscape” where criminalsrun rampant” and “schools do more to produce criminals than to teach math or reading.

Alabama lawmaker Gary Palmer agrees, telling witnesses, “you’ve got some crappy schools.” Staring back at him blankly from the witness table were D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson, Councilmember Charles Allen, Washington Chief Financial Officer Glen Lee and D.C. Police Union Chairman Greggory Pemberton.

He’s not happy with the current state of the city. “Your schools are not only dropout factories, they’re inmate factories.” The spiking crime rate has the district “under a microscope.

Assaults hitting home

The criminal assaults on the street have really been hitting home on Capitol Hill. For instance, Minnesota lawmaker Angie Craig was “assaulted in the elevator of her H Street apartment building in February before fighting off her assailant.” This past week, a staffer for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was stabbed in his head, also on H street.

Phillip Todd was brutally stabbed in the head and chest “by a man who was released from prison the day before.” One who was “hearing voices” and obviously not properly supervised by the city support system.

A huge part of the problem is prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals. Putting them in jail is considered racist but they claim that’s not why they do it. For whatever reason, city prosecutors “did not prosecute 67% of those arrested by the District of Columbia Police.

Two thirds of the cases built by the district’s police were tossed. The chief of police is furious. His unpopular opinion is that “every person arrested should be off the streets.

U.S. District Attorney Matthew Graves admits that “his office mostly declined cases for gun possession, drug possession and misdemeanors.” He still works “violent crimes” though, he insists. “87% of violent crimes were prosecuted.

Graves said Washington, D.C., “prioritizes violent offenses over misdemeanors due to resources.” Even so, “since 2019, carjackings are up 109%, homicides are up 37%, and for the first time in more than 20 years, the district recorded back-to-back years with more than 200 murders in 2021 and 2022.

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