Biden Prosecutors Swapped in Just Before Final Plea Deal Brokered

Conveniently, the team of prosecutors working the Hunter Biden case were swapped around, just before the plea deal of the century was prepared. It sounds like the seasoned veterans were shuffled out so David Weiss didn’t have to hear their screams of outrage, when no felony charges were included.

Biden prosecutor shuffle

The Just Us Department seems to have done a fast shuffle of the Hunter Biden prosecution team, just before they gave him a get out of jail free card. On June 20, they hit him with two misdemeanors. He gets probation and has to complete a drug diversion program. Lawyers for the IRS whistleblowers aren’t about to let them get away with it. At least, not without making the sneaky move public.

They’re also chuckling that Hunter may have jeopardized his sweet deal by doing a toot of coke on national TV, after the Secret Service found his stash a few days earlier.

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss and his team spent a full five years exploring the strange world of Hunter Biden. They were supposed to be looking for evidence of the tax and gun crimes he had been charged with. They found all sorts of nasty things which anyone else would go to prison for.

Things like writing hookers off on his taxes. When his coke dealer had to travel, Hunter wrote off the travel expenses. That doesn’t even mention the money laundering and bribery. All run through a tight web of shell companies for protection.

Instead of collecting all that evidence together and filing charges, the investigators’ supervisors buried what they found and let Hunter off the hook on everything. After all that time, “several prosecutors who worked with IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley were left off the charging documents.” One of the ones who did sign it, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Hines, has ties to the Biden family mole in the DOJ.

The Chinese paid heavy money to Joe and Hunter for use of their paid informant’s services. The Bidens promised their mole would keep “one eye” out for anything which affected the Chinese deal. He’s the one who tipped Dr. Patrick Ho and Chairman Ye Jianming off that they were under investigation, a little while later. It turns out that One Eye is none other than former FBI director Louis Freeh, who only has one eye. Freeh worked with Hunter’s friendly prosecutor Derek Hines for years. One more sign of Biden family influence affecting the outcome of the investigation.

Get to the bottom

Even Democrats like Jamie Raskin can’t deny that veteran IRS investigators on the case including Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, Shawn Weede and Shannon Hanson, were removed at the absolute last minute. The whistleblowers testified to that in front of the House Ways and Means Committee back on May 26.

None of the three prosecutors who did sign did any real work on the Hunter Biden investigation. They had no idea what sorts of things the real investigators dug up because David Weiss intentionally buried it again.

According to Tristan Leavitt, who is president of nonprofit public accountability group Empower Oversight, “it’s unclear why the prosecutors who worked on the case for years didn’t sign the government’s filings, but it raises serious questions about why and whether that best served the American people’s interests as opposed to Hunter Biden’s. Congress ought to get to the bottom of those questions as soon as possible.

James Comer insists that he’s on it. He can’t wait to put the Biden crime family out of business. Congress might not be able to jail anyone but after they replace Garland and Wray, charges can be filed. Meanwhile, there are things Congress can do with the budget. They can surgically defund Garland and Wray by eliminating their job title or salary for instance, without demolishing the entire department.

On July 26, it will be up to the judge to grant final approval of the plea deal. If he lets it go through, no matter what Hunter did, including alleged pedophilia, the worst he will ever get is “two years of probation for tax misdemeanors and enter into a pretrial diversion program for lying on a federal gun purchase form while he was addicted to crack cocaine.

He will “be barred from owning a firearm in the future and will submit to drug testing to prove he has remained sober.” If they made Hunter Biden take a whizz quiz today, he would probably flunk, based on what happened over the Fourth of July weekend.

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