US Veteran Killed in Ukraine Conflict

A US Army veteran, Dane Partridge of Idaho, tragically died as the result of a fatal wound in Ukraine. Partridge was fighting as a volunteer for Ukraine in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine, behind Russian lines.

Partridge was struck by a tank round on Oct. 3 according to The New York Post. The Post reported that a spokesman from the US Department of State confirmed that “an American citizen was killed in the Donbas region of Ukraine,” but provided no additional information.

“We are in touch with the family and are providing all appropriate assistance,” the spokesman said, explaining they will not be providing any additional information “out of respect for the family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

Dane Partridge
Honoring Dane Partridge/Facebook

Much of what’s been released has come from Jenny Partridge Corry, the soldier’s sister. Corry shared an update on Facebook that her brother was on life support after being critically injured.

According to Corry, a doctor from the Kyiv military hospital informed the family that Partridge had suffered massive brain trauma and spinal damage at the brain-stem. The next day, he succumbed to his injuries.

“We have just been informed that Dane aka Bird has passed away while still being on life support. I know his soul has found peace,” Corry wrote in a now restricted Facebook post.

“He stayed true to his faith and spiritual convictions till his dying days,” she continued.

“He was a fine soldier who fought with valor and bravery on the battlefield. We have been told that he was known to be at the front of his team leading his men as he would never ask his men to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do.”

“Our lives have forever been changed by this stalwart man.”

Previously, Partridge’s father, Dennis Partridge wrote a similar  message to friends and family that his son was wounded, “fighting for freedom in Ukraine.”

“I have found it difficult to discuss the events of this last week, my son Dane who was fighting for freedom in Ukraine, was critically injured by a Russian tank round, and currently in a coma with a significant brain injury.”

According to CNN, upon his arrival in Ukraine after a stop off in Poland, Partridge joined the international legion of foreign fighters, a group of volunteers from nations across the world fighting alongside the Ukrainian military, Corry said.

“He said it was something that he’d never encountered before,” Corry told CNN from Partridge’s descriptions of his time in Ukraine. “It was more than what he had personally experienced in Baghdad.”

“He needed to be always working in a job that would allow him to serve his fellow men, and that’s how he lived, and that’s how he died,” Corry said. “He thought he was fighting for a noble cause.”

Corry told the outlet that Dane Partridge’s body is in transit back to Idaho, where he will be buried at the Veterans Affairs cemetery.

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