NYC Cops PULLED From Their Shifts…

Thanks to liberal NYC prosecutors who effectively decriminalized crime, residents of New York aren’t safe at night. There aren’t nearly enough cops to go around so Eric Adams ordered them pulled off the day shift for night patrol. Observers expect a spike in daylight robberies and assaults.

NYC concentrates on night crime

If you happen to get robbed, shot, stabbed or raped during the day, NYC officials warn they might take a while to respond. Most of the cops will be home sleeping so they can come out to play at night.

Even then, all they really do is break up disturbances. That’s because actual criminals get released back on the street without bail or even prosecution.

The shift change comes in response to widely circulated reports that seven “Upper West Side businesses were broken into in a single night.” That was a shocker, even to seasoned NYC cops. It “prompted the local precinct boss to flood the streets with cops at night.

That flood of cops comes from the day shift. It usually is a lot quieter during daylight hours but that could change once word gets out about the schedule shift.

The disturbing heists “unfolded between Sunday night and early Monday morning” in early January. Since then, cops think they might know who one suspect is. Maybe. He’s still running around loose.

In almost every case, the thief or thieves broke glass and went for the cash register.” NYC shopkeepers aren’t feeling very secure and wonder why they pay taxes.

Not safe anymore

Gazala Halavi told reporters, “I don’t feel safe anymore.” She runs a Middle Eastern eatery on Amsterdam, in NYC between 81st and 82nd streets. When thieves came through her window they went back out with $600.

Spiga to Go on West 84th Street was hit by a bandit who broke the glass door and took money from the register.” That was the standard MO but police noted the exceptional details.

For instance, “Rosetta Bakery on Broadway and 64th Street lost a laptop.” Joe Coffee Company on Columbus Avenue was also “boosted of cash and a laptop.” When they knocked over Billy’s Bakery on Columbus, the robber took the cash register and also loaded up with cookies.

The “register was found at West 79th and Columbus.” The wild upper west side of NYC has devolved into the lawless anarchy of yesteryear.

When burglars wanted alcohol, they “used a chair to break the front window” at Blossom on Columbus. They used the vegan restaurant as a liquor store. “Basically he took one of our outdoor metal chairs and smashed it through the window,” general manager Kiley Etling notes. He won’t be leaving his chairs out at night after that.

The only thing NYC Deputy Inspector Neil Zuber at the 20th Precinct can say about it is “you will see [cops] out there, instead of working the daytime, working at nighttime so that we can catch the people and, knock on wood, this time we’ll keep them in.

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