Biden Clan Officially BANNED…Or So They Claim…

Joe Biden has made the claim that none of his family (other than Mrs. Biden) will hold any official capacity in his assumed presidency. The American people are supposed to rest assured that the Biden Clan being Banned from official roles will somehow prevent their corrupt enrichment.

The Sun reported,

“No one in our family and extended family is going to be involved in any government undertaking or foreign policy. And nobody has an office in this place.” Biden Said.

Funny, it never stopped them before. Alongside Mrs. Biden, he made this proclamation in a fulsome, grandiose tone that implied his administration would be obviously superior to President Trump’s in this way. The Bidens never had any type of official role in the Obama Whitehouse. However, Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother James “Jim” Biden found plenty of ways to influence peddle for massive sums of money even reaching… yes! The desk of then-President Obama as Anastasia Boushee wrote,


“An email from Joe Biden’s brother, James “Jim” Biden, may have proof that former President Obama was involved in Biden’s money-making schemes. This email, which was sent from James Biden to Hunter Biden, who’s full name is Robert Hunter Biden, states:

“You need to call me now. Just got off the phone with your father. He is meeting with the O!! Some outrageous acquisitions!! We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!”″

Demonstrating an incredible lack of self-awareness, Biden stated that he would emulate what many regard as the most corrupt Presidency since Watergate.  Biden told the People magazine: “We’re going to run this like the Obama-Biden administration.

A Warning for The Biden Clan?

Politico reported that Biden was direct with his younger brother Frank, whom he pulled aside after he discussed a future business opportunity with a prominent donor. “For Christ’s sake, watch yourself,” Biden said of his brother’s potential business dealings, according to a person with knowledge of the conversation. “Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.” According to a huge DNC donor John Morgan, he spoke to Frank Biden afterword. “What Frank told me is…

‘my brother loves me dearly, but if I lobbied, HE WOULD CUT MY LEGS FROM UNDERNEATH ME” Morgan said Frank Biden told him.

What is to Stop Hunter’s “added value”?

People magazine pitched Joe a softball, “One of the first things you did as president was sign tough new ethics rules for appointees. As a father who saw son Hunter [and his business deals in Ukraine and China] come under scrutiny, are you putting up guardrails for family and friends, too, to avoid any appearance of wrongdoing?”


“My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise, that is in conflict with or appears to be a conflict whether the appropriate distance from the presidency and government,” Biden said.

Cool Joe, tell us how you’re going to prevent that. What public scrutiny will there be? What checks and balances against your son’s “added value” will you create. Do you think we forgot about Devon Archer? A quick refresher from Mark Megahan: “On April 13, 2014, one day after Joe’s trip to the Ukraine was made public, the son of the Vice President emailed his business partner Devon Archer to discuss the ramifications.

They needed a strategy to shake as much money out of Kiev as possible so decided to “portray Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine as part of their consulting deliverables.” That way they could “ask for a long term agreement and across the board participation” in business dealings involving Burisma.”

Where IS Hunter?

What kind of “deliverables” will the Bidens be able to promise now from behind the scenes and clothed in what many would call “plausible deniability”? Or like his Chinese business partner and Chairman of CEFC Ye Jianming will Hunter Biden just ‘disappear’? Hunter’s last public appearance was at a Whitehouse prayer service one day after the inauguration.

According to Axios, Hunter “is said to be under investigation for possible tax and money laundering activities, with a potential counterintelligence component.”  At the time Hunter said “I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors,”  And now, in a definitely unrelated story, a colleague of Hunter Biden’s defense attorney has been appointed by Joe Biden to  run the Justice Department’s criminal division. But that shouldn’t bother the American people right? With all those impressive ethics promises, right?

Surely, this will all quietly go away… and likely so will Hunter, or anyone else who puts the Biden/Harris regime in danger of exposure.






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