Patriotic Families Were Enjoying Gathering, Then Gunfire Erupts

Innocent patriotic President Donald Trump supporters were shot at from a vehicle as they were enjoying a peaceful demonstration.

Patriotic Families Shot At by Thugs

In Fort Mill, South Carolina, patriotic families gathered Monday evening to wave American flags during a public demonstration.

At around 6:50 p.m., officers from the Fort Mill Police Department were called to the scene.


Witnesses told police that three men kept driving by in a vehicle and yelling threatening messages at the patriotic individuals.

At some point, the driver put his hand out the window and shot at the crowd.

“All of a sudden you know bang bang bang bang bang bang bang,” Matthew Ostrowski said to WBTV.


“It was ridiculous. There were kids everywhere,” he added. “They drove by really slow and saw everybody, so they knew exactly who was there.”

The vehicle used in the shooting was later found nearby by a highway patrol officer without the occupants present.

Another car in the area was stopped by police after one of the people had clothing matching the description given by witnesses.

Man was Arrested for Shooting

After an investigation, two men were released by a third 23-year-old Marquise Damarius Asomani from Charlotte, who was arrested.

Police charged the alleged shooter with six counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, one count of unlawful carrying of a pistol, one count of pointing and presenting firearms at a person, and one count of possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

Currently, the man is being held with a $75,000 bond while at the York County Detention Center.

The witness Ostrowski said the hateful and potentially deadly act towards the patriotic Americans will not be used to intimidate them.

“If anything this energizes me more and after this incident,” he said. “It’s done the same for many many people.”

Trump Supporters Being Targeted at Alarming Rates

However, having your life on the line for simply being a supporter of the president is a hard undertaking to wrap your mind around.

“I think it’s sad honestly that we’re showing support for the president and you have to be nervous about somebody coming and doing this,” said another witness, Lindsey Portugal. “I mean that’s just discouraging.”

As the 2020 presidential election gets closer, so does the hate from some on the left who are willing to do just about anything to stop President Trump and his supporters.

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